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Chris Hemsworth’s stunt double says he’s having a hard time keeping up with the actor’s weight gain

Chris Hemsworth’s stunt double Bobby Holland Hanton is tired of eating seven times a day to try to maintain the actor’s size.

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Luke Hemsworth Height. ft. in. California, United States Everyone would opt for Chris Hemsworth as the tallest. He grew up in Melbourne and in the.

Chris, the most ‘sexy’ 31 years old, meter tall and Australian. Chris Hemsworth was named as the living man "sexier" of , according to the magazine.

Chris Hemsworth has never been as physically strong as he was in Thor 4

Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor, known for his role as Thor in the saga Date of birth: 08/11/; Couple: Elsa Pataky; Height: 1.9m.

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Bobby Holland Hanton at left is Chris Hemsworth’s body double in the upcoming film "Thor". And I’m like yeah great but now I gotta get that size too. I write him a text message and say: ‘Thank you very much friend. In this Monday’s program he also shared that now he does not like to eat because it has become "intense". It became a chore. I don’t enjoy eating every two hours", he said in reference to his regimen.

Hanton added that while diet and training were "hard on the body", Hemsworth was "in good physical condition". Look at him, he’s a mountain man". Hanton said he had to have back surgery after his stunt role in Hemsworth’s film Extraction. Such death-defying stunts mean the performer has had trouble getting life and medical insurance.