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Chris Watts tried to hide the lifeless bodies of his wife Shanann Watts and their daughters Celeste and Bella in the oil field where.

Chris Watts confessed to killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters in North Denver in November.

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Chris Watts confessed to killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters in North Denver in November.

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On the 16th, the bodies of Shanann, Bella, and Celeste were found at the location Watts indicated; the woman was buried in a shallow grave.

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He then drove the lifeless body of Shannan and her two frightened daughters to an oil field. Watts then killed Celeste before squeezing her.

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Man charged with murdering his daughters and his pregnant wife. Phil" on Tuesday. Lambert’s summary of events provides a chilling picture of how Chris Watts killed his pregnant wife, Shanann, 34, and their two daughters, 3-year-old Bella and Celeste, then disposed of their bodies in a remote oil field where he worked.

Prosecutors in Weld County, Colorado said Watts strangled his wife with his bare hands, suffocated the girls, loaded the bodies into his vehicle and drove away to hide their remains. Watts initially denied involvement in the disappearance of his wife and daughters, reported in August, and even spoke to a local news station that he was concerned for their well-being. Colorado Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Susan Medina said that on February 18, Watts provided investigators with "Additional Information" about the murders of his family.

I don’t think he makes an honest assessment of why he did what he did, how he did what he did", said Weld County District Attorney Michael Rourke. But in the interview on the show "doctor. Phil", Lambert said the couple had an argument and Chris Watts confessed to having an affair. He also said that he wanted a divorce and stated that their relationship was over.

As a consequence of that conversation, he strangled her to death", Lambert said. As Watts prepared to move the body, Bella walked in and asked about her mother, Lambert said. Lambert said his understanding is that Chris Watts loaded Shanann’s body into his truck and then loaded her daughters, who were alive at the time. So he took Celeste’s favorite blanket and drowned her, Lambert said.

Watts got back into the truck and that’s when Bella pleaded for her life, Lambert said. During Watts’ sentencing, prosecutors said Bella fought back, but was killed. Prosecutors also argued that Watts did not kill her in rage, but deliberately and cruelly. in the program "doctor.

As Watts watches that surveillance tape, he puts his head in his hands and the neighbor then notes that the man was acting restless.