Christian Nodal Tattoos

Christian Nodal gets a new tattoo in honor of Belinda (video)

Christian Nodal has given several signs of love to his fiancée, the singer Belinda. In addition to balloons, stuffed animals, chocolates and the.

Christian Nodal confessed to GQ Mexico and Latin America the meaning of several of his tattoos, something that men always wanted to know.


This is how Belinda showed off Christian Nodal’s new tattoo in her honor. "Utopia" is the name of the pop singer’s second studio album.

The Mexican singer Christian Nodal is criticized on social networks for the number of tattoos he has on his face, some dedicated to.

What did Christian Nodal tattoo in honor of Belinda? VIDEO

Regional Mexican singer Christian Nodal has tattooed various designs on his chest, arms, neck and face.

What did Christian Nodal tattoo?

In this one it is seen that a new tattoo adorns his face, and this time he did it in red in honor of his beloved. It should be remembered that several years ago Belinda released a song with this title. A post shared by looking for a los famous looking for a los famous It must be remembered that the album Utopía was released on October 3, The singer already aroused a lot of discontent among his followers by previously tattooing his face. However it seems that this does not bother his beloved at all. Before this tattoo, the couple had already scandalized half the world, when Nodal tattooed his beloved’s eyes on his chest.

And it is that he made the face of the young woman of Spanish origin in one of his arms. which has now completely disappeared. So much so that in its place there is what many describe as a black spot. Keep reading:.