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Guide To See All The Movies And Series Nominated For The Golden Globes

Javier Bardem, Alberto Iglesias and Pedro Almodóvar are the Spaniards who compete this year for one of the prizes awarded by the.

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capital called to avoid the tradition of throwing balloons with letters to the "Three Kings" leave it inside your shoe or under the Christmas tree.

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Guide to see all the films and series nominated for the Golden Globes

—Best Actor, Musical or Comedy: Andrew Garfield, “Tick, Tick Boom!” —Best Supporting Actress: Ariana DeBose, “West Side Story”. —Best actor of.

Best Movie (Comedy)

Also, the way in which streaming has been part of this new stage in the industry, providing a significant window for some authors. And it is that simultaneity that allows this year to be able to enjoy a large part of the nominated films in streaming. Without a doubt, the nominations collect the best of , but also an interesting tour of the hybrid between cinema and streaming. If you want to see some of the nominated movies and series before the big night, we leave you a list of where you can do it.

Warner Bros. If you still want to see how Denis Villeneuve recreated the stunning landscapes of Arrakis, now is the perfect time to do so. The film, with its sober, hard and dark style, has been a surprise in the awards season. And you can watch it, in all its gloomy glory, on Netflix.

With his sardonic style and his great question about modern morality, he also conquered a good part of the critics. You can see it right now on the platform giant and draw your conclusions about its harsh point of view about our times. He was also an integral part of the great burst of popularity around Andrew Garfield. If you want to enjoy this atypical story, you can do it right now. Aaron Sorkin managed to combine both versions of the figure in a powerful film.

With Nicole Kidman in another one of her extraordinary incarnations of legendary characters and Javier Bardem at his best, the film is a must-see. And you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video. It is also a harrowing journey through uncomfortable places in our culture.

Best Actress in a Comedy and Musical Marion Cotillard, for ‘Annette’, by Léos Carax Filmin Marion Cotillard’s performance has been praised for her bizarre sense of humour, irony and sophisticated sense of the absurd. Small, smart and unobtrusive, she sensitively narrates a child’s view of loss and heartbreak. Ben Affleck’s performance surprises and earned him an unexpected Golden Globe nomination.

If you want to delight yourself with the beautiful story and its songs, you can do it through Disney Plus. With his bright, friendly and full of life air, he captivated children and adults alike. If you want to see it, before what could be its big awards night, you can do it right now on Disney Plus.

It is one of the great offers of Disney Plus. It is also a chronicle about the beauty, time, faith and pains of the early years of adolescence. You can watch it on Netflix right now. Loosely based on the adventures of Arsène Lupin, it’s a brilliant look at adventure and action. To celebrate his nomination for the Golden Globes, you can see it on Netflix.

The series dazzles and moves in equal parts. With his harsh journey through economic inequality, poverty and violence, he surprised the world. And, if you haven’t enjoyed its curious story yet, you can do it right now on Netflix. You can watch all three seasons available on HBO Max. Best musical or comedy television series ‘The Great’, by Tony McNamara Starz Spain The unknown and somewhat extravagant story of Catalina, la Grande, has become a television event.

If you haven’t seen it yet, this is your chance at Starz Spain. With its mocking, moving air and, in the end, its ability to narrate an emotional story from the periphery, it is one of the great favorites. And you can watch it right now on HBO Max. The surprise of the , which brings Steve Martin and Martin Short back to the comedy, is one of the highlights of Disney Plus.

And also, from the Golden Globes. With its casual style and amazing visuals, it is a tribute to a certain vision of youthful rebellion. You can watch it on Disney Plus. And, while you wait for the third, celebrate all the emotional meaning of a story that marked a milestone on television. With a new face, patients and a complicated context, the series dazzled and moved the audience.

And Uzo Aduba’s performance made it clear that while the great Gabriel Byrne is a brilliant presence, he’s not entirely irreplaceable. You can watch the old and new seasons on HBO Max. There were discussions about its violent content and its allegory of physical terror, sometimes excessive. You can watch all four seasons on HBO Max. This year’s Golden Globes nominated Rae’s inspirational, insightful and always-fun performance. But, also, the phenomenon behind a series that analyzed several topics at the same time in an intelligent and astute way.

If you want to see the complete five seasons, you can find them on HBO Max. With this nomination, the series reaches a new level of relevance. You can watch all eight seasons released so far on Disney Plus.

Hulu ‘The assistant’, by Molly Smith Metzler Netflix The story of a woman and her daughter fighting the system surprised and moved the audience. The nomination highlights the validity of its themes and importance. You can watch it right now on Amazon Prime Video. Also, to love, desire, loss and fear. Everything, in an acting duel between a content Oscar Isaac and a brilliant Jessica Chastain.

The nomination makes clear the power of both and the validity of an imperishable theme. But, despite the controversy, it’s a smart tour of his legacy. The actress gave the character a unique vulnerability that moved critics. One of the great events of The nomination for the Golden Globes confirms the phenomenon of a peculiar series that surprised by its power. Also in Hypertextual.