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Christmas Chronicles 2

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Proof of this is the first trailer for ‘The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two’, the film by Kurt Russell in the iconic role of Santa.

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‘The Christmas Chronicles’ was Netflix’s big Christmas hit at the end of , and as expected, last year they announced that there would be.

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The Christmas Chronicles, the Christmas adventure produced by Chris Columbus (Home Alone, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone) and directed by.

The Christmas Chronicles 2: Too Many Elves

You may also be interested: Discover the explanation of the end of The Christmas Chronicles 2 on Netflix! time travel etc. If you have any questions about the end and time travel, read on! As his beautifully bearded Santa Claus saves Christmas again.

But the ending includes a plot hole that makes a key moment absurd. Before we continue, if you want to know everything about an episode 3, read this. It’s a heist, a story to tell, a plunge into history. And an illogical subplot that materializes out of nowhere and gives you the recipe for a fun party game.

The problem arises, something expected. During the time travel plot Christopher Columbus seems to squander the opportunity to make an ancient reference to Home Alone. In the sequence, Santa and Kate are sent to Belsnickel, who steals the Christmas star that powers the entire North Pole and makes Christmas possible. Struck by a sudden urge to raise the Christmas spirit. The Christmas Chronicles 2 ending and time travel explained come together, Kate says goodbye to her when she realizes the truth, and then when she finally breaks up with Santa, she thanks him for giving her the chance to say goodbye.

Santa Claus nods shrewdly. Forgetting that it has absolutely nothing to do with this whole thing. It was Belsnickel who advanced the plot this way and the movie never acknowledges the mistake. Of course, it could have been portrayed as a moment of wit when Santa Claus and Kate were sent helpless to the Boston airport in Instead, the plot of Belsnickel choosing a random date opens up the opportunity and Kate meets her father when she is arrested by shoplift.

Santa’s role in the process is disturbing background noise, and that’s a shame because, surprisingly, the rest of the narrative unfolds fairly cohesively. In the end, even the suggestion that Belsnickel unknowingly sent Kate to her father to say goodbye would have been appropriate. You may also like:.

The Christmas Chronicles (2022) Netflix Official Subtitled Trailer