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Cinderella: Discover The Evolution Of Her Dress Through The Story!

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Material: flannel,tulle,% cotton lining Version: ball gown Embellishment: sleevelet Dress Style: Cinderella princess dress,party dress Sleeve Style.

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This will be Cinderella’s wedding dress and the rest of the film’s wardrobe

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Once upon a time, a beautiful young woman who, after being orphaned, becomes the maid of her stepmother and stepsisters. One fine day, the prince invites all the maidens of the kingdom to a ball at the palace. Cinderella prepares a beautiful pink dress for her mother, which her little friends fix for her, but her evil stepsisters destroy it before the ball.

She is left alone crying, when, suddenly, the fairy godmother arrives, and to the rhythm of bidi di ba bidi bu, dresses her in an incredible blue dress, worthy of a true princess. He runs off with one minute left and loses his glass slipper on the way. Days later, the prince looks for that mysterious girl and when he arrives at the young woman’s mansion, the shoe fits perfectly on her foot. We now want to tell you this same story, through Cinderella’s dresses and their evolution throughout the film.

It is a simple costume. Pink Cinderella costume This one has special charm, although a sad ending. It is the beautiful dress of Cinderella’s mother, pink and with bows at the neckline and skirt. His friends the little mice fix him up to take him to the dance, but he ends up torn to shreds.