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How to Clean Bathroom Tiles After a Work

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Many times it is very difficult for us to clean tiles because the dust, grease and other dirt from the kitchen make cleaning seem like a chore.

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Cleaning kitchen tiles with vinegar White or wine vinegar is an excellent cleaning product when it comes to removing grease.

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Another effective remedy for cleaning kitchen tiles is to combine equal parts water, baking soda, and salt. Mix well and apply this.

The walls of the kitchen and the bathroom tend to accumulate more dirt than those of other areas of the house

Although we save the wall, the dirt accumulates on the surface that we want to show off. They tend to be yellowish or moldy if not cleaned frequently with a disinfectant. The proliferation of fungi on the wall of the kitchen and bathroom is risky for health.

This mold generally occurs on bathroom walls due to poor ventilation and constant humidity or water vapor. In the kitchen, the health risk occurs due to the accumulation of fat that favors the proliferation of bacteria. In this way we can clean quietly without taking care of the state of other elements.

While you remove all the elements you can boil a pot with water to loosen the fat that is near the kitchen. While tile tiles can be cleaned with a used toothbrush that does not have very hard bristles. If you need to make an arrangement at home you can request the consultation of a professional. If the grease has accumulated on the wall covered with tiles you can use ammonia. But, for this you have to protect your face with a mask and gloves.

To start prepare a container with water and ammonia. Take advantage of this powerful mixture to rub especially in the joint. Once everything is clean, rinse the entire wall well and dry with a clean cloth or kitchen paper. Since ammonia is ideal for destroying all the dirt and embedded grease. The mixture should be water and ammonia in equal parts and then spread on the floor with a cloth.

Remember that it is very harmful to health, so you must open the windows and use a mask and gloves. Mix a little water with detergent in a bucket and soak a sponge in it. White vinegar is a very powerful product to disinfect and degrease at the same time. Although at first you feel a strong smell, it does not compare to ammonia.

To clean you just have to prepare warm water with white vinegar. Following the proportion 3 water and 1 vinegar. An advantage of using this solution of how to clean the joint of the tiles, is that the surfaces recover their shine. Baking soda is another very effective product on how to clean tile grout. To this mixture you can add a few drops of detergent and hydrogen peroxide. Sodium bicarbonate has antibacterial, degreasing properties and removes moisture, preventing the formation of mold and the proliferation of bacteria.

Let it act for ten minutes and then rub vigorously with a toothbrush that you no longer use, especially in moldy joints. The mixture of two parts of alcohol vinegar and one of baking soda is ideal for how to clean tile joints that are made of silicone. Which we can also find in the sinks and other pieces of the bathroom and kitchen. The cleaning methodology consists of spraying the mixture on the joints and letting it act for half an hour.

Then rub gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush and finely rinse with water and dry with a clean cloth or kitchen paper. The good thing about this solution of how to clean the tile joint is that it does not generate toxic gases. You can use this same product on walls, countertops, furniture and floors. In the case of very persistent dirt or mold, baking soda can be mixed with bleach and left to act on the joints for a few minutes.

To then rub with the brush and rinse with water. With this solution you can remove dirt from the least accessible corners. It is best to apply this technology together with the products mentioned above. To make them shine like the first day, you can remove the parts of the joints that are loose or very dirty with a knife. Wait for it to dry and then wipe off any dust that has formed on the tiles with a clean, dry cloth. We hope that these solutions on how to clean the tile joint make your task easier and your home looks clean and disinfected for everyone.