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Charles Gibson was an illustrator for women’s magazines particularly he’s killing it modeling for big clothing companies.

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By wearing clothes that increase your height, you also look slimmer. Being short means that your average height is less than m. and your limbs.

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Have you ever wondered how much effect in your favor you can achieve with visual tricks, when you are a girl of small stature?? The idea.

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Best Tips for Short Girls Like Me Diamonds, pearls and gemstones come in small sizes… just like us ok dynamite and poison too ha ha ha so you don’t necessarily need to be tall to look stylish and beautiful. However, I know very well that one of the big problems we have when buying nice and comfortable clothes is our short stature.

This blog was created especially for you!!! Being short means that your average height is less than 1. Latin American women generally have this type of body and it has nothing to do with being plump or thin.

well here we go! Midi skirts: Wear knee-length skirts better to look more stylized and with the illusion of longer legs. Maybe you can use this type of midi skirts but shorten them enough so that they have the precise length. If you wear mid-calf skirts it will visually cut your legs in half. If you are one of those women who appreciates wearing low shoes, simply opt for pointy shoes, do not forget it, since they create the optical illusion of length and stylize your image.

Remember that preferably they are pointed. Combine black pantyhose with black heels or ankle boots. Choose floor-length dresses with declining prints or just one color: Anything that points downwards is perfect for your body.

A hemline that falls above the knee or around your ankles, if paired with a solid piece and an appropriate print, can be a very flattering look for you. When you choose any other type of floral prints, lines, tribal, etc. They just visually cut off your legs and don’t help us look proportionate.

Fisherman pants are those that extend below the knee, they are our enemies, because they shorten our legs. To fit us well, the length of the pants must reach the feet. Elongate your figure because it gives you a vertical appearance without cuts. It also helps to always choose neutral and dark colors that emphasize your slimness, such as navy blue, brown or black. So let’s choose the color we choose, let’s try to make the entire wardrobe the same tone.

We must wear fitted clothing, but avoiding excessively tight, and discarding the wide. Little girls favor tight-fitting garments. Always try to wear clothes that are your size and that fit your figure.

If your set has prints, try to keep them small. Avoid too loose garments with flights. And there go your plans to become a pirate. The best are the lines and vertical prints. Large polka dots and prints or thick horizontal lines do not go with you. Parker Translated by Laura Guilleron Dark Colors are your Friends: Black, dark blue and gray stylize, if we have short legs, we will use them in the lower part and if it is the trunk that we have small, in the upper part.

Walk with Good Posture: Walk straight! Going stooped subtracts centimeters and is bad for the back. Always remember that the best advice is to walk straight, with a straight back and a lot of confidence. It’s all about attitude. Prints: Always prefer small prints. We can also choose garments with stripes, but choose if possible those with fine vertical lines, which achieve a lengthening effect on the figure.

Thin Belts: Reject the wide belt to the hip better finite and at the waist. Boots and ankle boots are your allies: Short women should wear knee-high boots, or high-heeled boots. Although the boots do not have a heel, they are quite stylish, also the very low-cut boots have that effect.

Do not wear jeans to the hip: small ones favor the high waist. Dresses: If you like dresses, the ideal ones for you are the empire cut ones, these will visually help you raise your eyes upwards since it defines your waist just below the bust. By: Yajaira Rodríguez Choose blazers that have a single button, instead of blazers with two buttons. Wear long-sleeved or at least three-quarter-sleeved blazers. If you are one of the girls who yearns to reach 1.70 meters one day, but your reality is that you barely exceed 1.60 meters, do not worry.

Who would not want to see the world from above, boast of long legs and not need to climb on infinite heels to be seen in the crowd?. Faced with complexes, why not take advantage of them. We give you some tips to gain a few inches with a new haircut. Long hair is reserved for tall and not excessively thin women. The look of very long and wavy hair is also not recommended for short women, since it shortens the silhouette.

Bury the idea that short hair is unfeminine. On the contrary, this season the medium length and the haircuts that bare the neck have caused a furor. Be careful with the volume. It is not highly recommended that you bet on a very voluminous cut. An excess of volume in a short woman only manages to create that big-headed effect and even, depending on the cut, you can dwarf.

If you are short and thin, go for short hair. And no bangs if you have a round face. Giving volume at the top creates an optical effect that allows you to gain a few centimeters. Pants: Dark and straight pants are ideal for those of us who are short. Instead of those purses, choose those of medium size so that your bag or purse is in proportion to your small figure.

I hope you liked friends!

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