Cloud Cake

Cheese Cloud Cake

Cheese Cloud Cake Download recipe. gms Cream Cheese (Philadelphia); ½ cup of milk; 60 grams of butter; The zest of one lemon; 1 tablespoon.

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To literally eat this cake is to feel like you are eating a cloud. It is very fluffy and that is due to the amount of meringue it has. It melts in the.

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that looks ultra fluffy, creamy and smooth. Check that eating it is like savoring clouds with this simple recipe. Japanese cake / Photo: IStock.

Cheese Cloud Cake – Cook and Enjoy

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About this Japanese cheesecake

In a separate bowl, beat the yolks and add the mixture of butter, cream cheese and milk. Add the sifted flour and cornstarch. We continue until a firm and shiny meringue forms. As long as the meringue is held on the blades of the mixer without falling is enough.

The moment of tension has arrived: joining the two preparations. It has to be a well-united mixture and at the same time you cannot lose the air of the meringue because we are fried! The air has to be your best friend, do not hurt it or harm it, because without it we are nothing. Make sure it is well covered so that no water enters when we put it in a bain-marie.

The Japanese cheesecake should be golden on top. Once it’s ready, turn off the oven, open the door a little and let it cool down there. Do not remove before so it does not deform. Patience is a gift from the saints say friends and friends. And it’s worth the wait, I promise. Once cool, take it out and unmold. Look how beautiful our Japanese cheesecake turned out!

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