Coconut Balls

Coconut and Condensed Milk Balls

Recipe for coconut balls or coquitos. Coquitos are a sweet recipe easy to prepare. Step-by-step recipe, with or without oven.

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Christmas is approaching and with it its typical sweets, one of them is coconut balls, at LD we make them a healthy version.

Karlos Arguiñano makes a very easy and quick dessert to prepare: Coconut balls, delicious and where few ingredients are used.

one. In a saucepan, combine the condensed milk, butter and grated coconut. Leaving a reserved cup of grated coconut. Mix everything very.

Christmas | Coconut balls –

The recipe for coconut balls is one of the most typical Christmas recipes, now that the holidays are approaching, the best thing is to know how to make this piece of sweet.

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How to Make Coconut and Condensed Milk Balls The recipe for coconut balls is so simple to make that if you want to bring children into the kitchen, it is the perfect recipe. This dessert is typical of the dates that surround Christmas, although you can see them in shops during cold times, without the need for a specific date. When the time comes to take out the coconut balls and bring them to the table, they are usually accompanied by Jijona nougat, crunchy chocolate nougat and many other sweets.

For example, one of my favorites is the cocadas, the recipes are very similar but these do go through the oven. They are also usually accompanied with other typical Christmas sweets such as Polvorones, Nevaditos,… And to drink they are perfect, in the case of adults, accompanied by a whiskey cream or homemade Baileys.

You will have a thick paste. Cover it with transparent film and leave it for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator. After that time you take it out and start to form the coconut balls. Do it carefully, you have to squeeze them to take the shape.

You roll them around the coconut so that they stick.

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