Coconut Cream For Skin

The 5 Best Coconut Creams For Skin, Hair And Face

the body – Helps to hydrate the.

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Benefits of coconut oil for the skin Contains medium chain fatty acids, which help restore the pH of the skin. · Oil.

Facial cream. Recommended, above all, for dry and dehydrated skin. Coconut oil, thanks to vitamin E, is an excellent.

The 5 Best COCONUT CREAM To care for Skin, Hair and Face

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Benefits of coconut oil for the skin

It is the one that brings the greatest amount of product, it is used for the skin and the body. A little expensive, but worth it. It comes with ml of product and its manufacturer brand is recognized thanks to its history over the years. It can be used on delicate skin, as it does not cause irritation. Minimizes and prevents the risk of skin diseases such as dermatitis and psoriasis.

Diminishes the appearance of signs of aging. Its vitamins make it suitable for use on the skin and around the eyes. Among the benefits that we have already mentioned at the health level, coconut and coconut milk cream provide benefits in terms of good heart health, of course always in a limited way, since it has a high fat content.

All these vitamins help the formation of red blood cells and are responsible for protecting each fiber and each tissue of the skin, while contributing to the prevention of diseases in the different areas, both capillaries and the dermis. How to use To give it the proper use you must follow the following steps. In the case of applying it to the hair: First of all, moisten the hair with warm water so that the pores of the scalp dilate and are prepared to absorb the nutrients.

Take a good amount of cream and apply it all over your hair from roots to ends. Then with a shower cap or a towel wrap in hair for about 10 or 15 minutes. Finally, remove the product with a good amount of shampoo and the conditioner of your choice, you can also leave it overnight. Also at the kitchen level, both are widely used to sweeten meals and as a substitute for some fats.

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Coconut cream + benefits