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Some people consider it a strange combination. But the lemon in coffee has extensive health benefits. the lemons are.

One of them was the relief of headache, as this would be more associated with the effect of coffee by improving blood flow. In addition to.

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It is coffee with lemon, which according to some experts, helps us lose calories and cleanse our body of toxins thanks to the.

Coffee with lemon: is it a good mix? – better with health

Some people consider it a strange combination. But the lemon in coffee has extensive health benefits. the lemons are.

The benefits of coffee

Fact checked Article has been checked for accuracy Content includes links to reputable media sites, academic research institutions, and occasionally medical studies. Written and verified by nutritionist Anna Vilarrasa. Coffee with lemon The exact formula to prepare it is to add the juice of a lemon in milliliters of coffee.

And although for some people it may seem like an unusual combination, for others it has become a promise of positive health effects. Almost certainly many think that lemon is the best companion for a cup of tea. But traditionally, this mixture was already taken in some specific regions as a refreshing drink to combat the heat.

To begin to shed some light on its use and usefulness in terms of health, it is best to review the benefits that these two ingredients provide separately. The benefits of coffee To prepare a coffee, the dried and crushed grains are infused with very hot water. Over time its consumption has enjoyed good and bad fame. For this reason, science has made it one of its focuses of attention. It is known for being a stimulating food, capable of improving some aspects such as memory, concentration and fatigue.

But as the authors of a major summary of existing studies point out, much of it is observational, so be cautious with your conclusions. Similarly, the authors highlight a reduction in the risk of mortality from any cause in those who consume coffee compared to those who do not. And a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease and metabolic problems, such as type 2 diabetes.

The optimal intake threshold appears to be 3 cups a day. Apparently, there are no indications of harmful effects with continued use of the drink. Coffee has been extensively studied by science. And is not for less. It is estimated that 2 billion cups are consumed every day in the world.

Citrus fruits are cultivated around the world and are known to be one of the fruits with the highest intake. Their contributions of vitamins and other phytochemicals have made them products used for therapeutic purposes. In the body, it performs key functions, such as helping bone development, wound healing, and maintaining healthy gums.

Thanks to these, science has been able to relate them to some positive health effects: Antioxidant: allows to counteract free radicals. The presence of these has a critical role in aging, inflammation and heart disease. Increased consumption of citrus is associated with lower mortality and morbidity due to cardiovascular problems.

These are the promises about this drink. Some studies have looked at caffeine’s ability to increase metabolism and thus burn calories. However, this has no effect on weight loss and fat reduction. In any case, coffee helps reduce the feeling of hunger. Headache control The second popular claim about this mixture is also not supported by scientific data.

There may even be some contradiction, since in some cases the consumption of coffee has been related to migraines. This is why the general recommendation to ensure the consumption of 3 pieces of fruit a day is always positive. This protein promotes the elasticity and strength of the dermis. Now, at the moment the same cannot be said of the result of your mixture.

Not at all. Thanks to the lemon, the coffee gains freshness and softens its bitter taste. In any case, it has not been proven to improve headaches or help reduce body fat. Nor that it be a drink of choice in case of diarrhea. So it is possible to choose the best companion for black tea to refresh a good coffee.

As long as its taste is pleasant and its consumption does not produce adverse side effects. The intake of moderate doses of each of them or of the mixture seems to be safe. Abusing them could have detrimental effects. you might be interested