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If you are over 35 years old, this is how you should make up your eyes

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We tell you how to prepare the skin and make up your eyes, if today we will reveal the step by step to achieve it, starting with a.

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How to do eye makeup after 35 years? We give you the step by step! | Glamor

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The preparation of the skin is the basis of makeup

Makeup Content of the article We must pay attention to what we want to reflect through our eyes. So if you are one of those who have brown eyes, here we will guide you step by step on how to get perfect brown eye makeup.

As we mentioned earlier, most colors work in makeup for brown eyes, whether they are dark or light. That is, if we are looking for makeup for our daily activities, we can opt for light tones such as pink, peach, earth or beige. Let’s see the steps: 1. To line the eye socket, apply a luminous powder shadow in sand or bronze. We recommend the Essence Eyeshadow Palette. Eyebrows It’s the turn of the eyebrows. We recommend the Clarins Eyebrow Eyeliner Pencil.

If your case requires more coverage, first outline and then fill in with an eyebrow shadow. Cheekbones Using a large brush, apply bronzer to the tops of the cheekbones for a sun-kissed effect. Go from the inside out of your face and make sure you don’t put too much powder on the brush.

La Catrice bouncy bronzer caribbean vibes bronzer is always a good option. When applying the shadow, try to put it in the area of ​​​​the eye socket, making circular movements with the brush outwards to create an effect of growth of the eye. The outline should preferably be thin. Trends for the summer Remember to always be aware of the trends that fashion sets.

Shades such as violet, electric blue, copper and green not only appear in shadows, but also prevail in eyeliners that favor the color of your eyes. Share on social networks:.