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Nails decorated ideas with gold details

Just as its name indicates, the shape resembles the tip of the ballerinas shoes. It is about decorated nails ideas and style a very elegant and even bold option. Ballerina style nails are ideal if you are looking for a daring and different image.

Nails decorated ideas with gold details In terms of options for color or decorations it offers a good amount of space. For decorated nails ideas and the so-called coffin or ballerina shape, there are really modern and diverse finishes. The trend over time has framed this style in something unique to long nails.

The truth is that it is not true and on nails that are not so long many designs look great. Do not spend time looking for a pattern that is too complex for them to look good. So if you think about a radical change in your image, start by considering this style. The appearance of the same way changes when it comes to nails in black color.

The contrast of the black color for decorated nails ideas and the ballerina shape accepts diamonds. What is striking is just the versatility that is seen in terms of design. Whether to adapt them to winter or summer, each design evolves and adapts to any trend. We continue with the color trends for decorated nails ideas and the ballerina finish with the color white.

Another of the finishes to combine with white is silver. The results are quite different and elegant. Matte is something that on the other hand in coffin nails we are passionate about. Its elegance has an unparalleled effect. Many light shades have become a great decoration. Also don’t forget some stones to complete the nail accent.

To make the manicure stand out at all we will start with a geometric style. Geometric patterns come to life if the base is transparent. We continue with the floral designs, they are fabulous at all times of the year. With the coffin cut dark nail designs look good at all times.

Which does not mean that the other colors do not have the same potentiality. The solution so that your coffin nails do not look boring are diverse. Starting with the stones, the touches of colors or even the glitter itself. It is simple for what we will only have to add some color effects or decorations that make them look different. Many times it is just a matter of taking advantage of everything we have at our disposal and experimenting a little.

The red color like black is seen many times in this type of nails. There are not a few girls who prefer it to show off a sexy and daring image. This manicure is just right for an air of sophistication. The best thing about red is its potential to be combined with neutral tones. The stones in the case of decorations are perfect to highlight it.

It has always been a color that adapts to any occasion, both for formal events and for any party. The ideas in this sense for finishes, decoration and possible textures are diverse. Experimentation is the way in this case.

According to everything we have seen, there is no doubt that ballerina-style nails are one of the best options today. They are beautiful to wear in different moments and activities.

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