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Ben Geller (Charles Thomas Allen / Cole Sprouse)

Why Cole Sprouse (‘Riverdale’) Wasn’t at the ‘Friends’ Reunion. The actor of the current fiction played the son of Ross and we missed.

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The first gave life to Mike, Phoebe’s husband in the series, while Sprouse got into the skin of Ben, Ross’s son. Ben Winston, the.

The last of the nods to the sitecom has been made by Cole Sprouse, an actor who will play the role of Ben Geller, the son of Ross and Carol.

Friends minor characters. Cole Sprouse. ben geller. Son of Ross and Carol. Family Monica and Ross. Episodes in which he participates.

Ben Geller (Cole Sprouse/Charles Thomas Allen) – Friends

Cole Sprouse began his career as a child and one of his most important roles was to play Ben Geller, Ross’s son in Friends.

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His first appearance was in the chapter "The one with the birth" and he lives with his mother Carol and his wife, Susan Bunch. Ben is rarely seen with the other members of the gang. This causes me to sometimes confuse their names, such as calling Rachel Phoebe. Although he seems to get along with the other gang members, Phoebe once flummoxed and scared him when he saw her lose her temper over an arcade game in Monica’s apartment.

Aside from that incident, there is no evidence that he ever got mad at any of the Friends troop members. If you’re a fan of Cole Sprouse, here are some related articles: Ben Geller Character Trivia In "The One Who Could Have Been, Part 1," Ben’s name is still Ben, even though Susan was not present in Ben’s birth and the events related to his name in "The One with the Birth" could not have happened.

While his parents initially disagreed on a name, they eventually settled on "Ben" when Phoebe wearing a janitor uniform with the name tag "Ben" lectures Ross and Susan about how lucky the baby is to have Ben. so loving parents.

When he was a baby, the Allen twins started talking, which got him into trouble as he had to be quiet on stage. In "The One Where Old Yeller Dies", Ben says his first word, which is "Hello". Ben Geller is supposed to be six years old in "The One Where Joey Dates Rachel" but was said to be seven.

It is said that Ben was John Travolta’s favorite character. Ben mysteriously disappears from the show shortly before the birth of his half-sister, Emma. He is never seen again, and is only mentioned on rare occasions, with various characters seeming to forget he exists such as Ross’s father talking about Emma being his first granddaughter. Throughout the show, he never meets his half-sister, Emma, ​​much to the dismay of fans.

However, the two may have met off-screen. In "The One with the Christmas Armadillo", despite his father’s Jewish heritage, Ben prefers to celebrate Christmas over Hanukkah, which initially disappoints Ross. In an interview with , actress Jane Sibbett thought that Ben would be in college by then.

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