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Cole and Dylan Sprouse have Matthew Sprouse and Melanie Wright as parents. All the way to fame, Cole and Dylan were.

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Dylan and Cole Sprouse, born in Arezzo to American parents Matthew Sprouse and Melanie Wright. Dylan is 15 minutes older than his brother Cole.

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Matthew Sprouse and Melanie Wright. Cole and Dylan Sprouse’s parents.

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Melanie Wright, she is an alcoholic and a drug addict, personally I think that is her problem, her life, but she did not have to involve her children. Cole and Dylan.

Sprouse twins – Cast

Cole Mitchell Sprouse (Arezzo, Tuscany, August 4, ) is an American actor, His parents Matthew Sprouse and Melanie Wright are American.

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Dylan and Cole Sprouse

Print PDF Due to the premiere of the third season of Riverdale on the streaming series and movies platform, I would like to tell you a little about an actor from the main cast of the series. Cole Sprouse is an American actor who was born on August 4, in Arezzo, Italy, although 4 months later, he and his family moved to California.

He has a twin brother named Dylan Sprouse with whom he has played various roles on television, such as Zack Dylan and Cody Cole twins in action. Cole was born 15 minutes after Dylan and was named after jazz singer Nat King Cole.

Cole and his brother got their start in acting when they were just 8 months old thanks to their grandmother, an actress and drama teacher. Some of their earliest roles were as babies in commercials, TV shows, and movies. Cole appeared recurrently in the series Friends in which he played Ben, the son of Ross Geller, this was the first role in which he did not appear with his brother.

He was interested in studying film and television production, but ended up choosing archeology. He graduated with his brother, with whom he made a little joke, swapping one for the other on the day of the graduation ceremony. I also work with Disney on Zack and Cody, twins on board. This series has two movies and a spin off series, Zack and Cody, twins in action, which is like the other series, only that the events take place in a hotel.

Also, when he was studying archaeology, his manager sent him the script for the series, at first he was not very convinced, but he ended up giving in. After accepting the script, he auditioned for the redhead, however, he loved the role of Jughead because of his way of thinking, his way of feeling friendship and because when he knew he was going to be the narrator of the story, he had fewer possibilities. die.

I know your family has asked for their privacy to be respected at this time and I very much respect that. I don’t know who or when, but I’ve been researching and they also make many filmographies of many actors and actresses. I invite you to watch Riverdale, because it is a very good series, with a very interesting plot.

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