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Colored tip nails are setting a trend, there are many who prefer these elegant and colorful designs. do you take ideas! so that your next.

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Give your hands a twist with these French tip nail ideas, ranging from the most minimal to the most loaded with color!!

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These nails are the new trend and have conquered the hearts of thousands of women around the world. Many women do not like this color because they consider that it does not look good and it looks very scandalous, but this depends on the tastes of the people. These pointed nails with color are very fresh, jovial and very fun. The combination that shines on the tips is great because colors like yellow and red, red and orange, orange and purple, purple and green and green and blue are mixed in a wonderful way.

These tones have a slight gradient that complements the two colors on each of the nails. As with the previous models, you can modify it, but we recommend that when choosing the 2 tones you do it very carefully and select the ones that really combine and create a fascinating contrast. The colors that were taken into account are yellow, royal blue, orange, light blue and strong red.

This color is not only applied to the tips but also to the corners. This color brings a lot of freshness and beauty to whoever decides to wear them. We recommend that if you were fascinated by this proposal, go to the manicurist and ask him to do your acrylic nails and make this same model. It is important that you understand that the tip does not necessarily have to be complete but only a corner like the nails with a colored tip that the model wears.

The pink and matte black color match very well and make this model great and very powerful. Both colors make the nails look spectacular. The nails have a gray background and on the tips a silver french tip that makes these colored tip nails sensational and very chic. This little French girl is beautiful and looks great on women who are lucky enough to have long nails.

To show the great combinations, these beautiful nails with a very delicate color tip were chosen. These nails were selected for delicate hands Home remedies for nails to always stay strong You should pay full attention to your nails because they reflect your personality a lot, especially if you love to keep your nails clean.

To prepare this magnificent remedy you do not need much, just olive oil. To use it you only need to pour olive oil into a cup and then you must submerge the nails for a few minutes. Experts recommend that the nails should rest in the oil for approximately 20 minutes.

If it is about powerful ingredients, garlic is one of them, with it you can create innumerable remedies to strengthen the nails, it makes them grow and they do not break easily. Onions contain iron, vitamin E and sulfur. You should let this home remedy rest for at least 15 minutes.

These nails with a colored tip today are worn by great references in the world, many celebrities decide on them.