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Photos Of Decorated Nails 2022 – Designs, Models And Nail Colors

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Without forgetting the trendy colors of this , the latest nail color trends are: French manicure (never goes out of style), matte nails, red.

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Impeccable! elegant nails. The wine color on the nails is a classic and combined with gold (which seems to go.

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The good thing is that we can decorate our gel nails with the designs that we like the most, whether we apply a color like the.

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Pastel pink and light yellow combined with geometric elements: a winning combination

Trends in trendy nail designs and colors for Pastel pink and light yellow combined with geometric elements – a winning combination Natural colors Among the many color trends and varieties, natural and pastel shades remain in the top positions. The reasons are simple.

People are too lazy to spend too much time thinking about combinations of their outfits and their nail colors. Therefore, they often choose natural nail colors Their rich contrasts are a dream come true. Deep blue has everything you need in nail colors Dark blue is often associated with a cosmic atmosphere as well as a winter night under a starry sky.

Dark Blue Nail Color Trends Are Perfect for Cold Weather. Looks great with dark and light colors. By the way, one of the best colors to go with deep green is marmalade yellow. So, think that deep green is difficult to combine with any other color. Makes nails look neat.

Meanwhile, it is one of the nail color trends. This option speaks perfectly with various dress styles. The mix of light blue and thick green reminds of the colorful days of summer. We will dedicate another article to short nail trends. However, there is one option, which stands out from the rest of the list.

The mixture of the beautiful blue sky and the thick grass reminds us of summer color schemes. Therefore, the culture leaves traces in their style of clothing, makeup and nail colors. Gothic nail colors include black, maroon, green, aubergine, and plum.