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New Trends In Hairdressing Highlights In 2022: What To Wear.

The white color of our grandmothers was already in fashion a few years ago, like celebrities like Meryl Streep or Rihanna.

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And, although in terms of color we cannot really say that there are trends that have gone out of style, it is true that we can look.

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Surely you are eager to make a radical change in your hair, and every time a photo of a girl with hair in a tone appears.

As for makeup, the brown tones for both shadows and lips and the black water line of the eye are two basics of that.

New trends in hairdressing highlights in

After this, start combing your hair, separating it into strands. When you have them separated, vaporize the strand where you are going to put the color.

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They all follow some general lines where more naturalness and few contrasting effects are sought, seeking and creating a very natural effect in the mane. Melting highlights are a type of highlights that seek to merge the natural background of the hair with the highlight to create a melted highlight effect that blurs our background hair color with the color of the melting highlight. This type of melting wick offers us freshness and naturalness in our hair at the same time that we will be beautiful and we will wear natural wicks in the latest fashion.

Woodlights wicks: This type of wick is a wick that creates an effect like wood grain in the hair. This type of Chunky highlights resides its effect in the front contour highlight effect creating two strands with contrasts with respect to the background of our hair of a medium thickness in the same tone or somewhat degraded the entire bleached strand that begins two fingers from the root of the hair and ends at the end of the hair.

Chunky Wicks can be carried out in any type of shades, including creating Chunky highlights with fantasy colors. This last type of chunky wicks in fantasy tones is very fashionable in the form of front strands that are somewhat wider than usual compared to the tone wick in non-fantasy tones, although there is nothing written for tastes and each client has her own style which she knows the type of highlight that favors it by creating a fantasy color contrast with respect to our hair color.

Pink is Punk Wicks: This type of Pink is Punk Wicks is a balayage effect on blonde or light brown hair at the root whose balayage color is fantasy bubblegum pink and creates a very daring and fun contrast to the hair. Even so soft since the root is rather light as well as the bubblegum pink tone in fantasy color giving freshness and bringing youth and joy to the face of the wearer.

Cherry Red Hair highlights: This type of highlights is a balayage effect in fantasy tones similar to the previous one, the difference being that the bottom of the root is darker than in the case of the Pink is Punk highlights and the Cherry Red Hair highlights. Fantasy balayage highlight is painted in cherry tones creating that effect of a cherry with contrasts and light effects like the one that said aphrodisiac fruit has when caressed by the sun’s rays and that is precisely the effect we are looking for in the hair with the Cherry Red Highlights. Hair.

The root of the hair can be in a fantasy tone or in the same tone as the lower part depending on taste, although the usual thing is that the tone of the root is in the same tone as that of the lower part and being in the case that there is a root effect is as short as possible. Coral Blonde Highlights: This type of Coral Blonde highlights is a type of highlights with a balayage effect or highlights in coral tones throughout the hair with a somewhat more root effect, the highlight effect being lighter in coral tones on the front of the contour. , at the bottom and on the side contours.

That is to say, some coral blonde highlights effects on all the hair with a more or less degraded effect, the front part being more marked and clear, the lower part and some more marked effects on the sides, but in this last case the coral blonde highlight effect is much more subtle and almost imperceptible in contrasts. Mecha Underlights: This Mecha Underlight effect is similar to the Half and Half mecha effect but in reverse.

In this case, what is done is to bleach the lower part instead of the lower part and rather the inner part in contrasting tones in reference to our colored background in a way that creates an effect of contrasting highlights, but something subtle in its visibility in the inner part which is seen with the movement of the hair in motion and that the contrast is more pronounced and marked in the lower part of the hair.

They are more special shades of highlights, but if they look good on you, the coppery highlights will look great on you. These highlights are for women with personality and strength since it is a very personal highlight that gives a lot of personality and strength to the woman who wears them. These highlights in caramel tones are designed above all in the new trend in Salted Caramel Mocha Highlights, designed to create an effect of caramel mocha tones in more unusual hair to give them tones of clarity and light while rejuvenating our appearance.

Shadow Roots Highlights: Highlight effects in lighter root tones such as brown, light brown and dark blonde, creating an effect of lighter contrasts in a balayage effect that is normally blurred and can also be done with fantasy highlights. This light ash blonde highlight effect can be done in silver foil highlights, sunlight highlights, balayage highlights or with full bleaching creating a perfect platinum nordic light ash blonde effect.

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