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Pointed Nails 2022

It is a variant of nail art, it is the French manicure with the end of the nail can be natural white or radiant white, the rest is painted with.

Nail Rack Magnetic Graphics Tool Tip Color DIY Manicure Cat’s Paw Display Stand/Multicolor.

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Do you know what nail polish colors are trending?? The French manicure will take color and all kinds of designs on its tips.

See what colors and most modern designs for your nails that will be a trend in colors and also, have them filed so that the tip is square.

Pointed nails –

20 Incredible designs to decorate your nails with an intense passion red color Red nails with gray glitter on the tip.

Best NAIL TIPS 2022

Recommendations to inspire you throughout the year Trendy nail colors Colors come and go every year, but it is good to know them to combine them with our outfits properly. Especially if you are an inveterate fashionista.

Yellow nails Very Peri pantone It is the it color of this season. Very Peri was chosen as the Pantone Color of the Year Pastel Nails Pastel nails are a trend that you can wear as quirky or subtle as you like.

Dare to try a different color of the rainbow on each nail or choose different shades of the same color. From rose gold to platinum through metallic gold. Especially in summer, they are widely used colors. Elegant red nails Every year there is a deep red tone that makes our nails look elegant, and it is no exception.

Just be patient to let them dry completely and not spoil your beautiful manicure. Today, most nail polish brands sell this type of product at affordable prices. So here are the trendy nail designs consisting of applying layers of different colors of nail polish. Which creates a marbled effect that looks amazing on any nail shape or length.

To show a button with the following image. Geometric design nails If you are one of those who like everyone to turn to see your nails, try decorating them with geometric art. These types of designs consist of drawing sharp lines and bold shapes. French manicure This French manicure reinvents itself. Say goodbye to the traditional decoration in white tip and pink background.

Also, instead of a traditional crescent, new styles such as heart-shaped are emerging. It is decorated with an additional line. It’s a fun way to give your nails an offbeat touch this season. Yes, it sounds very crazy, but it is another of the trends that triumph in fashionable nails