Colors Spring 2022

The Colors That Will Be Trending In Spring/Summer 2022

Orange. Long multicolored knit dress from the pageant.


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Electric blue.

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The catwalk has dictated its preferences for this season and has defined a Pantone in which five colors, in different shades, are the.

The colors that will be trending in the spring/summer of | Architectural Digest

Within the same trend, lavender and pale pink are integrated, which, influenced by yellow pigments, are transformed into salmon and coral.

As fruity as mandarin

The problem is that the colors are not usually repeated from one year to the next, we must not forget that we are in a business and what matters is that the need to go shopping arises. Anyone, no matter how inexperienced, knows how to differentiate a yellow from a pink or know what earth tones or makeup are.

It is a tone that arouses a lot of conflict since it raises passions and hatreds in equal parts. Models wearing designs by Valentino, Alberta Ferretti and Sportmax The trends are going to force us to wear beige in total looks, that is, from head to toe and without mixing with other types of tones. You must engrave this idea on fire: beige is the new white for this summer. Start to get inspired by the typical safari outfits Within this category there is room for any type of tone you can imagine such as blues, yellows, violets, pinks I’m sorry, but that’s how it is.

In this sense, the star proposals are the jacket suits or make the contrast with the chosen coat garment, that is, dress completely in white with a black coat, or vice versa. It doesn’t matter what motif we choose because we have a wide variety to choose from: polka dots, squares, stripes, checkered, zebra animal print, etc.

It is about the choice of Pantone that decided to color this year with a certain type of yellow called yellow illuminating. Designs made by the firms Kenzo, Elie Saab and Alberta Ferretti The best way to defend this striking color is with summer dresses. Well, the best recommendation we can make is that you dispense with prints at all times and opt for single-color garments in orange that you can also mix wonderfully with earth tones.

When it comes to combining it, the designers invite you to abandon any kind of modesty and pair it with another equally striking tone such as fuchsia.

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