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Cooking Time For Whole Potatoes In The Pressure Cooker

It may seem like a simple preparation, but if you want your cooked potatoes to be perfect, you need to know these tricks.

There is no single way to cook potato. It all depends on the variety you use and how you are going to use it. In this note, the experts reveal.

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what are we going to see here? How to cook potatoes; How to cook potatoes in a normal pot; Cooking time for whole potatoes in a pressure cooker.

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Cooking time for whole potatoes in the pressure cooker | Fibraclim

There are many uses that you can give to potatoes cooked in the microwave but in addition to using them as a garnish for fish recipes or.

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That the potato is one of the accompaniments par excellence of our gastronomy, is an indisputable fact. Whether they are French fries, boiled potatoes, fried potatoes, stewed potatoes, baked potatoes, important potatoes, stuffed potatoes, accompanied by brava sauce, in a salad or simply for a party, potatoes accompany us in many of our recipes.

That is why I want to leave you with a series of guidelines to follow to get a perfect mashed potato, how to make the best mashed potato. Choosing the type of potato As a first step when preparing a good mashed potato, we have to make the decision to choose the type of potato.

It is important that the chosen variety has a quantity of starch, of the floury type. Another point to take into account is the time of the potato, the ideal is that they are neither new nor too old. How to cook the potatoes We must cook the whole potatoes, without peeling and trying to make them all the same size. We must cook the potatoes by placing them in a saucepan and covering them with slightly salted cold water.

We will cook them for about 30 minutes, depending a little on the size of the potatoes that we have chosen. They allow us to prick them and remove the knife without them falling apart. How to mash the potatoes Once we have the potatoes perfectly cooked and drain them from the cooking water. With a sharp knife and while still hot, remove the outer skin. The moment of mashing them is a point to take into account when it comes to obtaining a creamy, smooth and lump-free mashed potato.

We can use a potato masher, a tool designed specifically for this type of preparation. And only what is necessary, without overworking it. What is not recommended is that we use an electric mixer or any type of food processor.

How to incorporate the butter, salt and milk. Final presentation When incorporating the butter, it is important that it is at room temperature. The milk must be heated before adding it to the potatoes. Although we have already cooked the potato with some salt.

It is at this moment when we can check if it has risen enough or if it is necessary to complete the amount. That is why it is important that we do not cook the potatoes with an excessive amount of salt. It is preferable to stay a little short and then rectify the amount at the end of the process. You can see all the photos of the step by step in the recipe for mashed potatoes.

How to serve and preserve mashed potatoes Something fundamental if we want to serve the best possible mashed potatoes is to do it at the right time. That is, as soon as possible once we have it ready. This is a preparation that should not wait for the rest of the meal. If we have had to prepare it with some advance. The way to keep it hot is to keep it in a bain-marie over low heat, taking care to cover it with a transparent film or a kitchen cloth.

If what has happened is that we have left over from one meal to another. We can keep it in the fridge for up to 48 hours, taking care to cover its surface with a transparent film. This way we will prevent it from drying out. At the time of putting it back on the table we will heat it in a bain-marie covering it with a thin layer of milk stirring it until it is integrated.

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How to Cook Perfect Potatoes Time, Tips and Tricks