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Homemade Maria Biscuit Cake Recipe

Thursday, January 21, MARÍA COOKIE FLAN. What do you think if today we prepare Maria biscuit flan for dessert?? If the egg flan is great, no.

gr. of sugar. 1/2 liter. milk. 4 eggs. 2 egg yolks. 2 tablespoons of instant coffee. 6 Maria cookies. whipped cream (optional).

For the flan. 3. In a blender put the milk. We add the 5 eggs, the 5 Maria biscuits and the essence of europareportage.we get along well.

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Neapolitan flan with biscuits maria Discover all the recipes for Neapolitan flan with biscuits maria from thousands of cooking recipes, chosen from.

Easy Microwave Biscuit Flan – Recipe by DIVINA COCINA

I assure you that you will not want your Maria Cookies flan to run out. This dessert has a much denser texture than the traditional flan, in addition.

Easy Maria cookie cake recipe

Let stand a few minutes, it should not cool completely because it begins to solidify and it is not the idea. Look for a deep container that serves as a mold, it can be a tray, salad bowl, or any deep crockery look at the example photo. In it you are going to place a bed of Maria Cookies as you can see in the image. Next, with a spoon, add chocolate custard until it covers this first layer of Maria cookies. Constantly alternate: cookies, custard of one flavor, cookies, custard of another flavor until you reach the top of the container.

Variations for the Maria biscuit cake You can put pieces of dark chocolate, or whatever you want, between layers. You can also add walnuts or almonds, whole or chopped. When serving, add a little meringue and some chocolate syrup for an extra sweet and fun touch. Another option is not to use the chocolate custard, and substitute another vanilla. So with this you can add pieces of fruit, strawberries for example, between each of the cookie layers.

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