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Could it be that this year the coppery blonde will take over the street style? For a few months this color began to gain ground in the.

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Copper is a very striking color, but keep in mind that they are also delicate tones, so you must choose the one according to your tastes, your.

Copper and orange hair – Farmagan Ibérica

Why copper tones are the trend in this hair However, copper is the color that has accompanied much of its famous.

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In this article we offer you some TIPS to help you in your choice: Copper is ideal for faces with hard features, as it helps to soften them. They are very suitable if we want to hide a very small forehead or to cover a neck or chin. Light tones allow features and features to stand out. For example, they are ideal for highlighting light eyes. Skin tone plays a crucial role in coppers. On the former, a beautiful color harmony is achieved, while on light skin the contrast may be too strong and it is preferable to use soft tones.

Be careful with the eyebrows, many times we forget about them and they can harm the joint result of hair and skin. Intense orange is an explosive color, very striking and with its own meaning. Always consult your professional, he is the one who can best guide you to an appropriate choice. Your training and experience is our best guarantee.

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