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The different shades of copper hair 1. Coppery Golden Blonde 2. Light copper 3. Dark copper 4. Copper red 5. Copper highlights 6. ombre copper · 7.

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The different shades of copper hair 1. Coppery Golden Blonde 2. Light copper 3. Dark copper 4. Copper red 5. Copper highlights 6. ombre copper · 7.

COPPER HAIR ☆ Dyes, Care and Best Tones According to your Skin ☆

Are you thinking of changing your look?? In that case, you can not stop checking the shades of copper hair that are in fashion and look beautiful.

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There is a huge palette of copper hair dyes, and they are all different. The hair color base must be taken into account, as is the skin tone and eye color. Light eyes are really enhanced with reddish pigmentation. Coppery golden blonde Strawberry blonde or coppery blonde hair is flattering for all women with any skin tone, as it brings a lot of light and warmth to the face.

It is not necessary to have super light hair to achieve this color since it is an intense color and can vary in tone. Copper red Copper hair with a reddish tone starts from a brown base, this one has an intense red color but the pink shine of the copper contrasts very well and shines on dark hair.

Copper ombre In this case, it is a balayage, it plays with various shades of copper and gives a lot of depth, luminosity and movement to the hair. How to dye copper hair without bleaching If we start from a base of natural or light hair, it is not necessary to bleach the hair, on the other hand if it is very dark it is totally necessary, this tip can help you take it into account when deciding.

You do not need to do it on the whole head, but only on some wicks, to obtain more luminosity. We do not recommend dyeing your hair coppery at home, because there are many points to take into account so that it looks bright and tonality that you like once the process is finished.

Combining different reddish tones, dyeing from the root, making some highlights in balayage, are strategies to give greater luminosity. Care to show off coppery hair When deciding to dye your hair to a coppery color, you need to know that when you want to remove this shade, it is very difficult, since it damages the hair fibers.

There are countless products to maintain and care for coppery hair, among them we can find shampoo with seaweed, which has a low acidity when washing the hair. Wearing caps and hats when you are exposed to the sun, helps to improve the quality of your coloration.

Once you dyed your hair reddish, and you want to go to a swimming pool, it is important that at least two weeks pass before submerging your head in water with chlorine, so that the color does not change.