Cornstarch Flan

Cornstarch Dessert With Condensed Milk And Cinnamon: Make This Cake Without Oven

Cornstarch Flan with Peach. No oven, no water bath. With a very mild flavor, delicious and very easy to prepare.

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Apple and cornstarch flan. Creamy, soft and fresh flan for dessert or a snack, very simple to prepare and it is another way to drink.

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There are easy and quick desserts, and then there is the coffee-flavored cornstarch flan that I bring you today. Easier and faster to do, impossible!!

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Cornstarch Flan with Peach | Kitchen

Discover with us how to make a cornstarch flan: a simple, practical and NO-BAKE dessert that you will always want to have at hand.

As a topping use caramel, cinnamon powder, condensed milk or red fruits.

Cornstarch dessert with condensed milk and cinnamon: make this cake without an oven Use caramel, cinnamon powder, condensed milk or red berries topping. If you want to share it with several people you can store the mixture in individual or small containers, and then, take them to the refrigerator. It is worth mentioning that in some countries cornstarch is known as corn starch.

It is not an option to stop preparing your cornstarch dessert due to lack of knowledge. If it is the first time that you make the cornstarch dessert with condensed milk, surely you have doubts about the texture. Once it is cold and well curdled, you should see a dessert similar to custard or atole, but firm. Here are some opinions that can serve as a reference, in case you were not sure you wanted to do it. Add the condensed milk, cinnamon, let it cook over medium heat and mix constantly until thick.

When you have a pasty consistency remove the preparation from the heat and place the result in a mold with waxed paper. Meanwhile, make the flan caramel or custard. Once you notice that it takes on a golden color, turn off the flames and let it cool for 5 minutes. Finally, when the cake finishes curdling, remove it from the mold, pour the caramel on top and decorate with strawberries.