Crispy French Fries

How to Make Some Crispy-Crispy French Fries

Soft and discolored potatoes? Here I show you a trick to make crispy and golden French fries, with a technique called "french fry".

Dove Cameron and Sofia Carson

One of my friends asked me how I made crispy fries without frying them. I looked down and realized that the reason they get crispy.

Ingredients Peel and cut the potatoes into sticks. · In a large cauldron, boil water together with a tablespoon of vinegar per liter of water.

Preparation Peel and cut the potatoes into strips (fried potato shape) Put in a bowl with water for 5 min. · Make a first cooking for 8 min at.

Crispy French Fries. Trick to make really crispy fries

Tips to achieve crispier French fries · The potatoes must be cold so that they are much crispier. · If you wish and have time you can soak the.

Get some perfect fries

Many potatoes that we sell out there are old and when I fried them they were very loose and they fell apart just by poking them. I have tried many variants: double fry, fry and bake, wash and fry.. On the other hand, an excess of starch produces a slimy, soft potato that absorbs a lot of oil and quickly falls apart.

Trick 1 for crispy French fries: Boil in water The first thing we will do is remove the excess starch that they usually have from the potatoes. To do this, boil them for about ten minutes in salted water. Therefore, we boil them at full power with water, salt and a tablespoon of vinegar per liter of water.

If they come undone, something has gone wrong. Let them cool on the paper and heat the oil to fry. Trick 2: Double frying You have to fry twice to get a very strong crust on your fries. I do not recommend using virgin oil since for my taste, its flavor is very powerful.

I recommend this fryer. I love that it has a built in filter to clean the oil. We heat the oil to a high temperature, between and degrees. If you do not have a thermometer, it is best to drop a small crumb of bread.

Fry the potatoes for 50 seconds moving them from time to time. We remove them on an absorbent paper. In this first frying, the cells of the crust have been reinforced and hardened. We must let them cool for a long time, at least half an hour. At that time we can perform trick 3 freeze. With it we reinforce this crust that we had achieved with the first frying. We should have a golden color. We remove the fries on absorbent paper and eat them at the moment.

Trick 3: Freeze them optional. Must be done after the first frying. Recipe for How to make crispy-crispy French fries Get perfect French fries Ingredients Potatoes of a specific variety for frying Water.