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Power Clean: How It’s Done In CrossFit

CrossFit® Video. variants. Power Clean: The main difference with the Clean is that in it we cannot use the full squat to.

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The Clean & Jerk corresponds to the weight lifting modality; A person who practices weightlifting movements in CrossFit.

By Aarón Cordero Vico | In CrossFit | On March 2 A: Strength: OTM 9 Min Power clean + Hang Clean + Hang clean B: WOD: 21/18/15/12/9/6/3 STO.

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Clean & Jerk or Clean and Clean – CrossFit ABD

Learn the keys to “Clean and jerk” in CrossFit. The Clean and Jerk or Two Times is one of the most complete exercises in the world of sports.

Clean performance technique & jerk:

And look at you now. I’ll start by saying that there are several classes of clean. That although it is the basis of everything, there may be differences. Especially when it comes to understanding how to train. This movement is especially good for optimizing our physical and sports conditioning.

And it is that it requires the participation of large muscle groups and helps us improve our power. As in all exercises, my first recommendation is that you put yourself in the hands of a professional and qualified coach. Before starting to put on kilos, focus on the technique if you continue reading we will leave you some tips. The importance of starting like this is that we create a good base.

Now with a deadlift grip; feet height of our hips, knees bent and back locked we begin the ascent of the bar. This should be attached to our shins completely perpendicular to the ground.

Take advantage of this moment to do a controlled lift. There are no hard pulls here, so try to use this time to think about how to do the next moves. This moment is going to decide how high the bar is going to go. Here we can only reach a half squat just before parallel. But in this case we do not depend on that help. That’s why we use the power of our legs.

Remember that the bar must touch the front of your thighs. We must not volley it forward with the pelvis after the hip strike. With that pull we combine a shrug. Here we will do a vertical bending of the elbows to scrape another few centimeters, now we use the strength of our arms. Having managed to raise the bar to the place where we want to receive it.

But it’s not usual. At this point be very careful with the position of the back. We with our eyes forward and our elbows high. Making it land on our flexed palms. Try soft and controlled landings, no hard impacts. Practice, practice and practice. Titan Box Wear We do Crossfit.

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