Crunch With Elevated Legs

Abdominal Exercise: Elevated Leg Elevated Rectus Crunch

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Crunch with elevated legs. With your legs elevated at approximately 90º, try to touch the balls of your feet with your hands. 3. sit up with med. › bodybuilding › guide-to-abdominal-exercises-vii-ele.

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This exercise targets the rectus abdominis, including the lower back extensors, transverse abdominals, internal and external obliques.

Advantages of the Elevated Legs Inner Rectus Crunch

Learn how to properly do Raised-Leg Sit-Ups to Strengthen Abdominal Muscles, Angled Images: Raised-legs Crunch video.

What Muscles Does the Leg Elevated Medial Rectus Crunch Work??

Keep your six pack all year long with this abdominal routine A six pack for the whole year seems like an impossible mission. At the same time, we recommend that you consult other articles that can be of great help to you. For example, this one in which we talk about the results and differences of bench press or dumbbell. Previous considerations before our abdominal routine A six pack is, first of all, a consequence of a flat stomach.

This means that, to achieve this, our first objective must be to reduce our amount of fat and thereby tone our body. In the case of men, they should reduce it below 10 percent. In the case of women, less than twenty percent. To begin with, we must take care of our diet and, at the same time, improve our core.

In the case of the lower abdominals, it must be said that it is one of the areas that is worked the least and that, however, offers better results when it comes to showing off our six pack. To perform this exercise correctly, first of all we will lie down on the floor preferably using a mat.

We will perform twenty repetitions of this exercise. It is an ideal exercise to tone and define our abdomen. To do it, we will lie on the ground with our back fully supported on the surface. They should not move from that position during the exercise. Later, we will return to the starting position. With this exercise to do abdominals we work the rectus abdominis and the oblique abdominals.

We must perform thirty repetitions of it. It is an abdominal exercise for which we lie on the floor or on a bench face up. From there, we will raise our legs alternately, making a vertical scissor movement with them, from top to bottom alternately. It is an exercise in which we lie on our backs, with our hands behind our necks and then perform a trunk twist.

We must rise until our elbow touches the opposite leg at knee height. We will alternate the repetitions for each side. We include a total of thirty repetitions. It is an exercise that we incorporate twenty repetitions. It is done exactly the same as the previous exercise but, in this case, we will leave the leg on the same side as our arm extended and resting on the ground, without letting them remain in the air as in the previous exercise. We will simply place ourselves on our back, with our legs bent and we will extend our arms touching the anterior part of our ankles.

We incorporate twenty repetitions of them. An exercise in which we stand on our backs, with our legs bent and our trunk at the top, as if we were sitting. We will simply turn our body to take it to each of the sides of the opposite leg.

It is especially interesting to do it separately and reserve other days for other muscle groups.

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