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‘I Don’t Let Me Be Mistreated’: Danna Paola Clarifies ALL The Rumors About Her And Her Boyfriend

Now Danna Paola has been seen with the singer Alex Hoyer, they were recently captured by a paparazzi on the beaches of Ibiza, Spain, before.

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Who is Alex Hoyer, Danna Paola’s alleged boyfriend singled out for violence The singer is also facing controversy for apparently.

He’s not my boyfriend, let me see what happens, right??". This was Danna Paola’s response when last October she was asked about Álex.

Who were Danna Paola’s boyfriends? · Small list of those who have been a couple of the successful actress and singer, Danna Paola. Eleazar.

She is the one who occupies the heart of Danna Paola’s boyfriend in Elite | Grazia Mexico and Latin America

They met in the telenovela ‘Dare to Dream’ and he was the only formal boyfriend that Danna Paola has known.

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Danna Paola’s boyfriend, Alex Hoyer talks about her for the first time