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Dana Paola | Biography

Danna Paola Rivera Munguía was born on June 23, in Mexico City. She is the daughter of Juan José Rivera, singer of the groups Los Caminantes and Grupo.

Danna Paola Rivera Munguía (born June 23, in Distrito Federal, Mexico) is a Mexican actress and singer better known as Danna Paola.

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She is the daughter of singers Patricia Munguía and Juan José Rivera Arellano. He has an older sister named Vania. Had an on-and-off relationship with the actor.

Daughter of Patricia Munguía and Juan José Rivera Arellano, former singer of Grupo Ciclón and Los Caminantes, Danna Paola made her first appearance in.

Dana Paola | Biography

This social media star was named Danna Paola Rivera Munguia by her father Juan Jose Rivera Arellano and mother, Patricia Munguia.

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Danna Paola Danna Paola June 23, actress, model and singer. In , there was a rumor of her being in a relationship with actor Miguel Bernardeau. Kenneth Emilio Montes Valdetano, By height: 1em! In , both sisters were cast on the show, ‘Plaza Sésamo’, the Mexican version of the educational children’s television series, ‘Sesame Street’. The show was fruitful and well known. Tony Baloney 7 Deadly Rings, loading My family still supports me with everything I do, because I like to involve them percent.

After this decision, Danna Paola felt the great power of forging her own path in the artistic environment. Christina Herrera Mora. Production on the film never commenced and the project was later shelved. Candice Dupree Twins, Paola so far has nine music albums to her credit. Danna Paola counts among the very many celebrities who come from broken homes.

For the Spanish-dubbing of the movie, she voiced for the character of Rapunzel. Over the next several years, she earned parts in multiple television series produced by Televisa. In , she received her first lead role in the children’s telenovela, María Belén. Just a few days after launching the new sentiment "friend of the week" Danna Paola has launched a viral challenge.

She additionally recorded two of its soundtracks. From , she appeared in over performances of this play, which was the theatre’s first Spanish-language production. California Guided Cinnamon Teal Hunt,. We have a beautiful and united family, because sometimes it is very difficult to combine work with family life". Flour Babies Nursery Reborn, Her parents divorced when she was a child.

This collection denoted her work progress from a teenager pop artist to a progressively develop craftsman whose music comprised of electronic sounds and sentimental ditties. Rust Rocket Calculator, a. Kilroy Was Here Figurine,. The show has 8 episodes shot in 4K and it premiered globally on Netflix in October Atrévete a Soñar marked Paola’s transition from children’s to tween telenovelas. Ct Boats For Sale, span.

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