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‘Dark Desire’ Already Has A First Preview Of Its Second Season And It’s Sexier Than We Thought

The marriage and life of a university professor change forever after falling in love with a man much younger than her.

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The sexy and successful Netflix series will be back for a second season and this is what you should know about ‘Dark Desire’.

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Dark desire is a web series of suspense and drama produced in Mexico by Argos Comunicación for Netflix. The series is by Maite Perroni.

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“Dark Desire 2”: What was the story of the series with Maite Perroni and Alejandro Speitzer? · A new trailer for the second season of the.

‘Dark Desire’: second season trailer and more | Glamor

Dark Desire is a series by Leticia Lopez-Margalli with Maite Perroni (Alma), Erik Hayser (Esteban Solares). Find all the details of the 2.

What will ‘Dark Desire 2’ be about??

Credit: Netflix. These are the ingredients of ‘Dark Desire’, a Mexican series that achieved 35 million views during the first week after its premiere on Netflix. Dark Desire already gives clues to what it hides just by reading its name. The story of a bored housewife who has lost the spark of passion with her husband and fantasizes about what would have become of her if she had chosen the bad boy with whom she enjoyed powerful sex resonated strongly with thousands of women around of the world.

Scene from ‘Dark Desire’. Dark Desire tells the story of Alma, a university professor married to a judge, with a stable and somewhat boring life. Eager to escape the routine, she packs her bags to enjoy a getaway with her best friend. During it, she meets Darío, an attractive young man with whom she lives a torrid weekend romance. However, what seemed like an adventure becomes complicated when Darío turns out to be one of his new students.

No, especially when a crime from the past comes into play involving the death of an innocent girl. Love, passion, infidelity, crime and suspense are found in this Mexican production of which Netflix has already confirmed the second season. merry binge watching!