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The lip in a very dark burgundy is combined with eyes outlined in black and shaded in brown. if you don’t want.

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To achieve this, nothing better than enhancing the look, since it is the main thing about the face because of the face mask. So it’s time to lose your fear of color, and dare with the new shades that the Studio Look down eyeliner has for you;. They can do it with a little bit of Primer Studio Look or the base. Use the Mocha Brown eyeliner to draw the wing eyes. From there draw a line flush with the lash line, remember to start from the inside out.

Project the tail of the eyeliner following the nature of your lash line upwards. Set the point, and then draw the line to it. From there, draw another line inwards to close the tail. Glide the tip of the liner in to define the line flush with the lash line.

Stop just at the crease. With the help of your fingers, gently pull the side of your eye to the side. Next, begin to outline from the tip of the cate ye stroke inwards across the entire eye socket to the tear duct. Since its effect on the look is very nice, and it works well for all types of eyes. You can use a little of the Studio Look Base to achieve a uniform tone in the area. Use the Studio Look Eyeliner in the Indigo Blue shade to start your eyeliner stroke.

Then, draw a line from the tear duct that goes slightly in crescendo until it meets the tail that you drew in the previous step. To help yourself, carefully place a piece of masking tape along the lower lash line, and in an upward direction. The idea is that they bet on that tone that fascinates them but that they never dare to use, and put it to the test with their favorite eyeliner style.

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