Dark Family Tree

Dark’s Crazy Family Tree, Simply Explained

Jonas is his brother-in-law’s son and his aunt’s boyfriend? We explain the complicated family relationships of the Netflix series Dark.

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We explain it to you with a family tree – Diario La Piragua. Dark, in addition to being a complex series due to the issue of time travel.

3rd season. The third season of the series that revolutionized the world was finally released on June 27, the date on which it was broadcast.

The complete family tree of ‘Dark’ on the day of the premiere of its third season. By Editorial GenteEmail Cinema and Series. June

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The third and final season of Dark will premiere on Saturday June 27 and for this I know the family tree on which the series is based.

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Suddenly, children were parents, friends were family, and the key was in a single character, Jonas, who seemed to be at the center of everything. Kahnwalds, Nielsens, Tiedemanns, and Dopplers, here’s everything you need to know about the Dark families and their connections before Season 3 begins. Jonas was a boyfriend of Martha Nielsen before Michael’s suicide in June , but then he found out that Martha was his aunt and everything ended. Meanwhile, there is a future version of Jonas who seeks to destroy the wormhole.

Mikkel becomes Michael, marries Hanna and they have Jonas. In , Michael is visited by Jonas from the future, who tells him what is going to happen and shows him the suicide letter he wrote. Ines is Jonas’s grandmother and Daniel’s daughter, who worked as a police officer. After Mikkel disappears, Martha is revealed to be Jonas’s aunt, she finds this out in season 2.

At the end of the second season, she is killed by Adam just before the apocalypse in , but it is revealed that there is another version of Martha from a parallel universe that can still be saved. He was the one who took Mikkel to the cave in and eventually becomes one of Adam’s allies in , though how he time traveled is still unknown.

In , Ulrich works with Charlotte Doppler and is in a relationship with Hannah Kahnwald before Mikkel’s disappearance. His brother Mads Valentin Oppermann similarly disappeared in While investigating what happened to Mikkel, Ulrich realizes that Mads is the boy who was found dead in the woods in and that there is something fishy in the village. Ulrich travels back in time to , where he is wrongfully arrested for the deaths of two other children.

Katharina always had problems with Hannah and Regina Tiedemann thinking that she accused Ulrich of rape and, after her son’s disappearance, she becomes obsessed with discovering the truth and eventually reaches the caves where the portal is located. Agnes Agnes Nielsen is Ulrich’s grandmother and Noah’s sister. Content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Claudia was the first woman to run the nuclear power plant in Winden and is in a relationship with Tronte Nielsen, who lived with her as a child. Claudia lets her father die to protect the God Particle, she becomes Adam’s main enemy and Jonas’s mentor to prevent Adam from destroying the world. She is killed by Noah in He’s a Cop, investigates Helge Doppler’s disappearance, and eventually arrests Ulrich Nielsen, who traveled back in time.

In , he investigates the disappearance of Mads Nielsen and believes that Ulrich is responsible for his brother’s disappearance. Egon arrests Ulrich for raping Katharina, after Hannah makes it up. He eventually learns that time travel is real and learns the truth from the older Ulrich. Claudia accidentally kills him trying to protect the God Particle.

Elisabeth meets the mysterious Noah, who turns out to be her mother Charlotte’s father and her own future husband. She is one of the few survivors of the apocalypse in , and becomes a leader in the apocalyptic world of Her grandfather is Helge Doppler.

Tannhaus, creator of the time travel device. Her father-in-law is Helge Doppler, who tries to correct everything he did in Season 2, it is revealed that Charlotte’s real parents are Noah and Elisabeth, her own daughter. Peter witnesses Mads Nielsen’s body fall through a hole in time in , so he calls Tronte Nielsen, who moves the body into the woods where Ulrich and Charlotte find it.

He disappeared in , when he time-traveled to after being attacked by Ulrich Nielsen’s version, who thought that if he killed him in , Mikkel would never disappear in , Helge is manipulated by Noah, who convinces him to kidnap children for an experiment.

In , Helge travels back in time and tries to stop his young version, but dies after crashing his car into the version of himself, his young version survives. He is Erna’s son and Agnes’s brother. Agnes kills him in after he rejects Adam after finding out the truth about his daughter, who is also his mother-in-law.