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They make your eyes look bigger and more expressive. Makeup tips for redheads. elegant style, dark red hair color and lipstick.

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The dark red hair color is triumphing in and we know that it will be one of the most demanded in the coming months.

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The most common color you can find is dark or intense red hair. It is a tone that never goes out of style, it is not necessary to bleach.

Scotland and Ireland are the countries with the highest proportion of redheads. Every year, Ireland hosts a gathering of redheads from around the world. Redheads don’t have gray hair. In the Middle Ages, red-haired women were considered witches or temptresses.

About 45 of the "witches" murdered had red hair. Most redheads have brown eyes. The MC1R gene mutation is responsible for red hairs. Red hair: natural beauty Dyeing hair red. Mahogany hair is perfect for women with fair and dark complexions. If your skin type is quite pink, better put on another shade of red. The copper color is the perfect variant for blondes looking for variety.

Burgundy and Cherry Red: If your skin is olive green or bluish, choose Burgundy or Cherry Red. Red wine and red black: For women with black or dark brown hair, who have opted for red, we recommend claret or black red. The color is suitable for light and dark skin.

If you have a striking look, put on a bright red lipstick. So you emphasize your lips and also your hair color. The combination of a Snow White complexion and dark eyebrows seems too contrasting and totally unnatural. But don’t feel limited: other shades such as gold, copper, caramel and cinnamon also very elegantly emphasize your natural beauty. Makeup Tips for Redheads 10 Redhead Stars Who Look Truly Glamorous – Katy Perry.

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