Dark’S Family Tree

Dark Family Tree

Here I leave you the complete ⚠ Dark Family Tree ⚠ so you can understand the relationships between the characters of the Netflix series ➡!

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The third season of Dark on Netflix continues to be successful on social networks. dark 3 family tree netflix series.

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And in recent episodes there have been two key characters to understand Winden’s family tree and the entire plot of Dark: Regina.

As Dark progresses, the more difficult it becomes for the viewer to follow the thread of the series, especially because of its family tree.

Dark family tree | All his characters and relationships ✅

Dark Families: Season 1 & 2 Ulrich Nielsen Katharina Nielsen Martha Nielsen Magnus Nielsen Mikkel Nielsen Mads Nielsen Tronte.

Taking a look at the families and their connections during the 3 seasons of the original German Netflix series: Dark. Kahnwald family — Family tree This family is made up of Daniel Kahnwald, who is a police chief in the town of Widen, during the decade of the years It is not known about his wife, with whom, he has his daughter Inés Kahnwald.

Inés becomes a nurse by profession and one day at the hospital she runs into Mikkel Nielsen, a lost boy who came through the cave of time. Later, he baptized him as Michael Kahnwald. From the marriage between Michael and Hannah, Jonas Kahnwald is born. who ends up being his aunt. Agnes decides to flee with her son to the city, due to the constant physical abuse caused by Troten’s father.

It is then made clear that he is one of the few who have the knowledge about time portals and along with Helge follow Adam’s instructions to end the repeat loop. Noah kills his own father Bartosz and maintains a relationship with Elisabeth Doppler when she is saved from the apocalypse, from which Charlotte is born. Mads disappears during the 1980s and his body is found in the aftermath of the disappearance of Ulrich’s son, Mikkel. Ulrich, a police officer by profession, marries his teenage sweetheart Katharina.

Ulrich travels back in time through the cave and is given the task of looking for his lost son, falling prisoner in the past, where he spends the rest of his life. Egon is a policeman by profession and Doris stands out for having an affair with Agnes Nielsen, who turns out to be Ulrich’s grandmother. Claudia Tiedemann was born from their marriage. He has a daughter named Regina. Regina, is a girl abused at her school by Katharina and Ulrich, meeting Aleksander, while he was fleeing from the law, with whom she falls in love and from their union Bartosz is born.

Bartosz Tiedemann, Turns out to be Jonas’s current best friend and Martha Nielsen’s boyfriend. Bern is the one who started the construction of the nuclear plant, and together they had a son named Helge Doppler. Helge is Peter’s father. peter doppler. He married Charlotte, a marriage from which they had two daughters: Elisabeth and Franziska Doppler. But she maintains a relationship with a transsexual, revealing her true inclination.

Elisabeth, is deaf and dumb and becomes a leader of the survivors of the Winden apocalypse after Together with Noah, they have their own mother Charlotte, who ends up being adopted and raised by the watchmaker Tannhaus. Franziska, is introduced as Jonas’s classmate, Martha, and Magnus’s love interest. It was with this information that Martha and Jonas prevented the accident that caused the watchmaker to create the device, thus ending the lives of many characters, but preventing the destruction by Winden.

Dark set a new standard for series about time travel and although another season will not come out, we all have doubts about how affected Winden was and the possibility that everything will repeat itself. You can download this image in HD x resolution by clicking here. Votes: 2.

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