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She is Nora Ellis, the real one.

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Lucifer’s daughter book., genre: Supernatural characters, author Tiffany Katiusca. Read Lucifer’s Daughter. on the self-publishing platform Booknet.

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brianna hildebrand plays rory, the daughter of lucifer and chloe in brianna hildebrand is rory and tom ellis lucifer in the netflix series.


Fans were more than eager to see the new chapters of Lucifer, but almost none of them realized that in those episodes.

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Lucifer’s daughter. By Eduardo Ros Carbonell I am about to tell in these four letters some events that really happened and that have little to do with fiction: the incredible adventure of my sister’s life. From the information that I have been able to collect in my research, I believe that everything begins on the first Monday of January of the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy-five.

A few hours after the birth, the mansion was attacked by masked men dressed in hoods and toga who carried swords, daggers or torches, and apparently they were looking for nothing other than the newborn girl. Soon the entire room where the birth had taken place was engulfed in flames, and with great difficulty, the woman in labor had just enough time to deliver the baby to the midwife and give her instructions to take the girl to a safe place before being found, bludgeoned and burned to death, by what I was later able to identify as the Knights of the Order of the Temple.

When inspecting the still charred rooms I was able to wonder what happened that rainy day in January, and while a shiver ran through my guts, I suddenly understood the clues that had been given to me, and put them together like pieces of a puzzle.

I came to the conclusion, so as not to extend myself into unnecessary explanations, that those men were the founders of a philosophical-mystical group called the Dankerre, to which my mother would later belong and of which she would even become leader and leader. First, the midwife abandoned the baby at the door of the abbey with a note that read Lucia’s name, however, the woman’s conscience and remorse made her visit Father Dugarry a few days later and explain the story. of what happened up to then.

However, a few months after Lucia’s arrival, the convent collapsed due to the shaking of the earthquake on August 17, 1978, and the plans went awry. In other words, my sister spends her childhood in a local family that emigrated from France to Spain and from a very young age she is linked to the world of fashion, fashion shows, catwalks, castings, advertisements, and side trips. for other. My sister begins to see hallucinations, to have dreams and to talk about strange things for a five-year-old girl, and so her adoptive parents choose to take her to specialists, and she begins to be treated by psychiatrists and psychologists.

Here begins a long crusade by his parents to try to counteract the influence of those visions, and the implication that Romeo, his father, takes is so strong that he begins to do research and transcribe in manuscripts and documents the visions and ravings of his daughter Lucia.

Romeo finally quits his job as a photographer and transforms his studio into an alchemy laboratory, and all these events lead to the creation of a book, and a thousand notes, sketches and drawings and endless documentation about the Dankerre. And that he told him things about a circle of life called Zion, where everything revolves in an eternal and constant change of energies.

She spoke about spirituality with the greatest of naturalness, about the essence of the human being and the reason for man on earth, about the meaning of life and the need for animal diversity in our world and in other universes, and it was a pleasure to listen to her when through his mouth and in his words you found meaning in your own life. Suddenly, when listening to his message you could feel inside yourself how you were part of the same gear, which in turn was the engine that moved and turned the world.

And managed to open your heart and take your soul to the heavens and raise you almost next to God himself. For my sister, all creatures were worthy of consideration and each one more respectable than the previous one.

My sister was found dead in the Manzaneda forest, in Galicia, on the twenty-first of June at four minutes past thirteen, burned to death on a pyre of wood, tied to a post and burned alive as if she were a fairy tale witch. treat.

The Reunion of Father and Daughter – Lucifer S6x03 [ Cris Series ]