Dawn And Hyuna

HyunA And Dawn Appear On TV For The First Time As A Couple

According to the artists, HyunA and Dawn met when they were part of the group Triple H with Hui when they were still part of.

TOXIC [hyuna x e’ dawn] by starberrypancake "Hyuna was so used to her toxic relationship" @HaaHao ORIGINAL STORY ‘N A N A’ This is a.

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In full, Hyuna and the former member of Dawn, are one of the most stable and beloved relationships within the Hayllu industry; without.

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You know how HyunA and Dawn fell in love? Today we tell you the path that this couple of singers traveled.

HyunA and Dawn appear on TV for the first time as a couple allkpop

SEOUL, Sept. 10 (Yonhap) — K-pop singer HyunA and rapper-songwriter Dawn have released their first duet album, amid.

We prepare for a long time, about a year. The process of perfecting the songs took a long time and HyunA prepared the visual direction for a long time and there were many edits. The lyrics of the song are fun and the flow is too. Because he is the boss, he has a lot of work.

We had fewer trades than usual. In case we felt any pressure, he supported us from afar. I had many thoughts about where this enchantment would come from. It’s still uncharted territory for me. she really is a muse. To conclude, HyunA was asked what results they wanted to achieve with this release.

We will continue to send out powerful energy by dancing hard on stage, so I hope you take that energy and feel it.