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When To Cut Your Hair In 2022, According To The Lunar Calendar

A calendar to know the best days to cut your hair or wax your hair, the phases of the moon and the best times to sow.

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One of the best times to cut your hair is during the growing moon phase because it favors the growth of your hair. What’s more.

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The best days to cut your hair and make it grow strong.

Cutting hair during a full moon is said to greatly promote deeper hair regrowth. So much so that they even recommend doing it.

When to cut your hair in , according to the lunar calendar – Opinion

According to the portal, for the hair to grow stronger it should be cut in "a root day". According to the lunar calendar, the root days of the month of.


When to cut your hair in 2022, according to the Moon?

The reality is that we have not discovered anything new. For thousands of years, farmers have been governed by the phases of the moon to carry out the planting, harvesting and pruning processes, talking about the same effects that we are going to talk about today to refer to hair growth.

Unlike the Gregorian calendar, the lunar calendar has days. They consist of 12 months with 29 or 30 days each and seven days a week. A day has exactly 24 hours in the lunar calendar. In these key data, the four phases of the moon that are important for your next visit to the hairdresser: Full moon Crescent moon New moon And it is that the same thing happens that we have commented on the lunar calendar and crops.

Not only the lunar phase affects our hair, but also the respective signs of the zodiac that the moon passes through at the same time. However, this has not been scientifically proven. Moon phases: this is how you use the moon for your hairstyle Depending on what you want for your hair, you can use the individual phases of the moon for your hairstyle and your hair. This lunar phase represents the structure and stimulates hair growth.

Keeping the cut with the waning moon: if you have short or medium hair, it might be in your interest to want to keep the haircut as fresh as when you got it cut at the barber. Long, shiny and healthy hair with a new moon: It may not be advisable to cut your hair on a new moon, but the ends are, since in this way we will make our hair grow healthy and strong.

Just take a look at the lunar calendar. All long hairstyles benefit in new moon. Use the signs of the zodiac to cut your hair As with the phases of the moon, what you want for your hair also applies when considering the signs of the zodiac. These include the zodiac signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

In the same sign of the zodiac, hair washes and cures also have a very good effect, nourishing cures also in Aries and Sagittarius. Avoid Haircut: There are some dates when you can avoid an appointment at the hairdresser. Other times, it is simply because we have grown tired of our appearance and want a change of look. Once the decision to cut our hair is made is when we will have to look at the calendar.

There are calendars in which the different phases of the moon are included. And so we can choose the day on which we are going to cut our hair depending on the phase, to achieve different effects. From what has already been explained but also from the days to come for the , we can advise you the exact days in which to carry out each treatment for your hair and even cut.

During this the days that correspond to this moment are: January 9.

Lunar Calendar January 2022