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Sahara Desert Drawing Of A Child Traveler

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Dec – Download this free one about Drawing Desert Arizona from Pixabay’s vast library of public domain images and videos.

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nov – How to draw a desert easy step by step, how to draw landscapes in pencil.

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Desert Coloring Pages. 70 coloring pages of the hottest and driest places in the world. Download or print for free.

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And if you have a specific interest in Mexico, we have written an article with all the characteristics of the ecosystems of Mexico, their types, fauna, flora…etc. Given the low humidity of the air, solar radiation is high and intense. Precipitation tends to occur in short periods of time and even several years go by without it falling in a drop of water. The perfect example is the Sahara desert.

The perfect example would be the Atacama desert. What flora is there in a desert Due to weather conditions, the fauna and flora have been adapting considerably to harsh survival conditions where water is scarce. We can find small plants with deep roots to capture minerals and possible moisture from the earth. Other plants have developed different systems to protect themselves, such as thorns, or water storage systems within the plants themselves, such as cacti, bromeliads or palm trees.

For knowledge, the interactions between living organisms within an ecosystem is called biocenosis and it is interesting to review them. In the case of birds, they are mostly nomads. They are characterized by: The landscape is determined by the rocks and geomorphology. Large types of landscape can be recognized based on the physical characteristics of the environment.