Desserts With 3 Ingredients

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You didn’t know that you can make flan and brownies with only three ingredients.

Step-by-step recipe to make a Soufflé without oven or sweet omelette, both sweet and savory for breakfast, dessert, snack or dinner, an act for celiacs since.

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So I have made a list of desserts with 3 ingredients, it couldn’t be simpler! And if you are missing an ingredient, check if it is.

This recipe that we leave you in today’s article is a delicious dessert with 3 ingredients without an oven, one of the most basic recipes that you go.

Homemade cake made with 3 INGREDIENTS!! – Kitchen Recipes

3 cold desserts with ONLY 3 ingredients: the most grapadores. All very funny. simple desserts lemon dessert without oven.


with 3 ingredients. Because yeast is a relatively modern invention and this cake does not have it. You can add other ingredients to enrich it, such as a pinch of salt, vanilla, cinnamon… Those are all optional and you can add them if you want. Beat well with an electric stick mixer.

After two minutes, we will have a kind of whitish cream 3. We mount the whites of the egg to the "almost" point of snow. We continue beating until it is completely assembled to the point of snow. About 5 times 4. To do this, we sieve it with a strainer and add it as it falls. We mix again making enveloping movements, until there is no speck of flour.

The appropriate measures for these quantities range from 18 to 22cm. If it comes out dry, we can remove it. After that time, unmold and put it on a rack, until it cools completely. We have replaced the yeast with the air that we have introduced when mounting the eggs.