Devil Press Crossfit

Devil Press: The Infernal Workout To Work The Whole Body With Dumbbells

To start the devil press, place the dumbbells on the floor shoulder-width apart so you don’t have to stretch your arms to pick them up. put.

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5 devil press 15 // * REST 30 SECS between rounds.

This CrossFit exercise, Devil Press, is one of the most effective for working all your muscles with the most basic equipment.

If you don’t know the Devil Press we are going to give you a brief definition, which does not fit % reality, but it is very much and will put you in.

Devil Press: How to do this complete exercise in CrossFit – Titan Box Wear

Devil Press: It is a movement composed of a Burpee plus a Double Dumbbell Snatch, all without releasing the dumbbells. Work your muscles at the same.

How should you do the devil press?

The devil press that we do in CrossFit is worse than doing a weighted burpee, in all its movements. We are going to give you the necessary guidelines so that you can execute a perfect devil press during your wod. First of all you should know that the devil press is a very demanding exercise, both in terms of grip, strength and cardiovascular.

First, a safe space that allows you to lie down, stand up and raise your arms above your head. The weight must be demanding, but that allows you to follow a rhythm that does not exhaust your grip or limit you by force.. The movement begins with the dumbbells on the ground, separated at the height of our shoulders and us close to them.

Place your hands on the handles of the dumbbells and do a body on the ground in which your chest has to touch the ground. Now that we are crouched down, like a quarter squat, with the trunk forward grasping some dumbbells that are still on the ground, we make them pass between our legs, and then swing with the dumbbells with a hip strike. Power snatch Although this should be from the ground, we are going to take advantage of the swing for the snatch.

What goes up must come down. Pay attention to us and practice the different moments of the process before starting so that you internalize them. Titan Box Wear We do Crossfit.