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The eighth season of the Showtime drama series Dexter premiered on June 30, and concluded on September 22 of the same year. The season follows Dexter Morgan, who is forced to deal with his past when he meets the.

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Hall would direct the second episode of season 8, which was his directorial debut. On April 18, Showtime officially announced that the eighth.

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As happened to me with series like Lost, The Shield, Spartacus or recently Breaking Bad, a desolate emptiness takes over me when a series of Dexter’s caliber ends. It has been many years in front of the television following the coroner through the streets of Mami, and in those moments I remember the people with whom I have seen the series, the gatherings with friends or the good times that it has made me spend.

After that, the series entered a plot and quality freefall from which it was unable to recover. And it is that if in the middle of the series, you reach the culminating moment, then you only have to go down and down to limits so deep that the series became a caricature of itself, trapped in a structural prison too powerful to leave unscathed no one.

A kind of serialized procedural, in which each season was an exact copy of the previous one with slight variations. Namely, Dexter meets someone evil, with whom he feels identified, but who he must finally kill because he puts his sentimental cover at risk. The reasons are clear, the first four seasons of Dexter were based almost point-for-point on the original book that the creators of Jeff Lindsay’s Darkly Dreaming Dexter series were based on and other short stories written by Stephen R.

Pastore Lindsay’s personal friend and collaborator. What this series meant with its premiere was a complete revolution, blowing up the foundations of traditional narrative. For the first time in history, the viewer feels attracted to a character who does not suit him, siding with the bad guy, make no mistake, Dexter is a murderous psychopath.

And that made the series a cathodic event. Either way, it was a really good scene. From here on all the readings are good… because those responsible for the series do not even dare to close an ending that had gotten out of hand for a long time, leaving an open ending that seems to leave no one happy. For me, the ending is an obvious punishment for Dexter who is locked in a world that he hates and that is adverse to him, locked in a cabin with all its monsters and delusions inside.

Dexter pays in this way for all his sins and we can only think that a life full of murders awaits him without the anchor of his loved ones, who tie him to reality. It is so sad to let go of a series like Dexter, I will always have in my memory the Dexter of the first seasons that evoked in me so many mixed feelings.

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