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Diamond Pushups

Step 1 Get into a push-up position with your hands together toward your chest so that your index finger and thumbs touch in a triangle.

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The elbow flexion is an exercise that involves the elbows, also known as push-ups, plank, push-up or simply flexion, flexion with the hands together or "diamond bending": in this version the.

If you want iron triceps, diamond push-ups should not necessarily be part of your strength training.

This type of push-up is known as a diamond push-up due to the placement of the hands when executing the exercise, since we place them.

What are the best push-ups for pecs?

Crossfit Guide (XLII): Diamond push-ups or push-ups diamond Push-ups are a widely used exercise to work the body in a functional way.

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Depending on the position of the trunk

Push-ups are a very complete exercise and they are great if you are looking to define your chest. Today we tell you how to do the best push-ups for pectorals. Since it helps us to improve in the main tasks that involve pushing actions.

It is also very effective for strengthening and increasing the muscles of the pectorals, triceps, anterior deltoids, abdominals and serratus. But, let us start at the beginning. The benefits of doing push-ups It’s cheap. You do not need additional material to make them, except your own body and a surface. It is effective. It can increase strength and musculature, improving actions in daily life and in sports. Stimulates circulation and metabolism.

Provides better results than similar exercises. It is safe. It is a closed kinetic chain exercise. It is used to measure. It is a good exercise to assess our physical condition. Execution is everything As we have seen, push-ups have many benefits, but it is important that we take into account the proper technique before we start doing push-ups like crazy.

Put your hands just below your elbows, so that they are both aligned correctly. Stand with your legs extended and feet slightly hip-width apart. Keep your whole body aligned, avoiding, above all, arching your back.

Once we are well placed, it is time to do the push-ups. Within each execution, we can find two phases: ascending and descending. Upward phase This phase is where most of the force is applied, to lift our body weight. In it, all the muscles involved present their greatest activity, regardless of the variant that we use. Descending phase When we have completed the ascending phase, we will go down to link with another repetition.

With the exception of the trunk area where it has been proven that the activity of both the abdominal and lumbar muscles presents a similar activation in both phases. Being its function to stabilize the spine. Let’s see the different types of exercises that we can do depending on the part of our body that we vary, in order to see what types are the best push-ups for pectorals.

The position of the hands falls just below the elbow and the rest of the body remains in line. The hands should be placed in such a way that we make our thumbs and forefingers coincide, forming a kind of diamond with them. The best option among these if what we are looking for is to do push-ups for pectorals is the narrow push-up.

Since in it we work to a greater extent on the pectorals and triceps. As we join the elbow to the trunk, the pectoral shortens and prevents it from exerting force. In both versions, yes, the lumbar area performs a great activation, it can be a risk factor for people with pain in that area.

Play with the incline to do push-ups for pecs. Upward position In the same way, but in an upward direction, we would take the position to the exercise of dips in parallel bars. With the musculature of the trunk it would happen the same as with the previous case. Therefore, the surface where we support both hands and feet is rigid and does not present instability.

Bending with instability In this version we cast an unstable material on one or both surfaces. If you have never trained in suspension this is all you need to know before you start training with a TRX. The trend is that when we add an unstable element, the muscles responsible for stabilizing the position seem to act to a greater extent.

That is, the muscles of the abdomen in its entirety, also including the lumbar muscles. Other research has found greater activations in the pectoral, so it would be interesting to use these elements in your push-ups for pectorals. The use of unstable elements can be interesting to focus on the stabilizing muscles. Always with the appropriate progression in terms of level of instability and intensity.

Evaluate our physical condition through push-ups Push-ups are one of the exercises used as an indication of a person’s fitness. It is an ideal test due to the pushing action of the upper limb that is applied and all the muscles involved in its performance.