Diego Boneta’S Girlfriend

Diego Boneta and Renata Notni Celebrated Their First Anniversary: ​​“And Every Time It Gets Better!!”

The lovers shared a couple of unpublished photographs along with tender messages, in addition, the actor spoke about the possibility of contracting.

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The before and after of Renata Notni, girlfriend of Diego Boneta. This January 2, Renata Notni turned 27, becoming one of the actresses.

They are a beautiful couple, but Renata Notni is much more than Diego Boneta’s girlfriend They are the sensation couple wherever they go: the flashes.

Diego Boneta and Renata Notni continue to walk their love around the world on their particular honeymoon-style tour, in which they have already visited Spain.

The celebrity couple was captured at the Mexico City International Airport and the Mexican actor stated that at this time of his.

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Renata Notni shouts from the 4 winds romance with Diego Boneta! – the sun rises