Dip Exercise

Parallel dips or dips for chest and triceps

Triceps dips: an exercise to train your arms that you can do in your living room, step by step · How to do triceps dips step by step.

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The “dips” or “parallel dips” is an exercise to work the upper body, specifically the chest muscles.

Dips or dips in parallel is an exercise that does not leave you indifferent: either you love it or you hate it. Personally, I belong to the first group.

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Dips are an extremely effective exercise for upper body training. Click now to learn 6 reasons to.

Parallel Dips or Dips for Chest and Triceps⋆ Your Gym at Home

Dips for triceps or dips of all kinds, the exercise for bigger arms. The French press or triceps extensions are.

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How to perform the Funds or Dips correctly?

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It is a pushing movement pattern that transfers to other pushing exercises such as the Bench Press or the Military Press. If we open our hands during the exercise we reduce the involvement of the forearms. We must do a complete range of travel of the exercise. Perform the entire movement in a controlled manner. Once we have the complete extension of the triceps, if we extend our arms as much as possible, we will achieve greater involvement of the Serratus. It is not recommended to do Parallel Dips if we are overweight.

For this reason, if this is your case, the best thing to do first is to start with exercises to gain strength. On the other hand, we can also do an exercise in which we partially use our body weight, such as tricep dips with a bench. Another option could be to do the dips assisted by a resistance band.

Next we are going to talk about some of them. Parallel bottoms with ballast. Do not climb explosively, because it can cause a hyperextension of the elbow. Avoid taking momentum to raise the body, otherwise we will do it starting from scratch in each repetition.

Do not raise or protract the shoulders, to avoid this we will perform a scapular retraction. Benefits of doing Dips in our training routines It is an exercise in which we can increase strength and muscle hypertrophy. Because we can perform the exercise heavily, efficiently and safely. So we increase the difficulty. Perfect for gaining strength and muscle mass in pectorals and triceps.

Transfers to other compound pushing exercises like the Bench Press. It allows us to perform the exercise with a lot of weight and safely. Improved balance and coordination by working with our body under the force of gravity.

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