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The Doc And Sergio Basteri In Real Life | Luis Miguel Series 2

In the final episode of the second season we saw how El Doc is the person Luis Miguel asks to take care of.

The second season of the series shows Doc as the father figure of SergiƱo, the younger brother of Luis Miguel. The doctor takes care of.

Style ‘El Doc’: the sad story of the man who raised Sergio, the brother that Luis Miguel abandoned.

El Doc’s real name is Octavio Foncerrada, a doctor who was in charge of Luis Miguel’s health, but beyond working for him.

The Doc and Sergio Basteri in real life | Luis Miguel Series 2 | Union Guanajuato

In the finale of the second season of Luis Miguel, the series, the character known as "El Doc" wins again by being the.

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Versions about the death of Marcela Basteri

The series marks as a fact that Sergio leaves with El Doc, after not deciding to stay with Luis Miguel, or with his grandmother Matilde. Neither with Alex. They say that Octavio entered the family of El Sol, when he began to care for Luis Rey, and after seeing his good care, he decided to take care of Luismi after a fan bit his neck.

In Ventaneando he gave an interview where he reveals details of his life with Luis Miguel. Sergio Basteri had a complicated childhood, because he did not have his mother like his brothers, nor his father. In real life, Octavio Foncerrada took it to Boston. Sergio was a great numerologist, but he is not dedicated to that.

He is financially independent, El Doc told Ventaneando. He is 37 years old. Another says he simply disappeared and his whereabouts are unknown.

The story between Luis Miguel and his younger brother Sergio Gallego Basteri. – windowing