Dogs Can See Ghosts

Can Dogs See Spirits or Ghosts??

Much has been said about the ability of dogs to see ghosts, perceive negative energies and predict natural phenomena.

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dogs can see ghosts? Much has been speculated on the subject and in this article we are going to delve into some aspects.

Have you ever wondered ✓ What is my dog ​​doing looking at that ☝ wall? Maybe he’s seeing something humans can’t see.

There are many urban legends and opinions that claim to be true, indicating that dogs can see spirits or see ghosts.

Can dogs see spirits or ghosts?

For example, it is known that dogs can detect earthquakes before they happen, since small alterations are produced that are imperceptible to humans.

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How sensitive are dogs compared to people?

Dogs and the prediction of dangers Like many other animals present in nature, dogs, thanks to their developed senses, are capable of detecting events such as earthquakes long before we can feel them. In the same way they are also able to detect if a person is dangerous to us or not. Something they can also do thanks to their highly developed senses.

So on the one hand, yes, obviously dogs can predict things much earlier than us and things that we cannot detect simply because of our natural limitations in our senses. However, we have all seen our dog with strange behavior on occasion, either staring at the wall or barking at the wall or at something nonsense.

On these occasions we tend to think that our sees or appreciates something that we do not see or feel. This is where the fear of the unknown comes in, how we don’t know what it is, we think about what our mind presents us with as an alternative, that the dog can see spirits. Something meaningless and irrational, but that feeds our fear. No, dogs do not see spirits or ghosts or supernatural beings, that is the correct answer.

Often the simplest answer is the correct one, without having to think about the supernatural. Some do it naturally, although most are trained to do so. This never means that they can predict that we are going to get sick, but that when we do, they can smell it and know that we are sick, before we know it ourselves. Dogs do not see things that do not exist, neither spirits nor ghosts.

Can Dogs See Ghosts or Spirits?? Does your dog perceive the supernatural?