Dogs Cry

What is the meaning of the tears of dogs??

If we consider tears as a distinctive of crying, yes.

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Although when a dog cries it does not do it in the same way as a human since. › Al Día › Life and Style.

It is common for dogs to respond with crying in situations that generate anxiety. You may have noticed that your pet cries.

can dogs cry? find out!

All animals communicate in one way or another, either by vocalizing, wagging their tails or raising the hairs on their backs.

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That we appreciate tears in the eyes of our dog does not mean that he is crying, since dogs can cry, but they do not use ocular tearing as we do. Dogs can tear for a variety of reasons, from an eye infection to a simple speck of dust that may have gotten into their eye and caused some minor irritation. A change in humidity or temperature can also cause a dog’s eyes to water, in the same way as the vapors of certain products such as a floor scrubber or onion, if we are cooking in the kitchen.

Direct sunlight in the dog’s eyes can also cause tearing that the dog involuntarily secretes as eye hydration. That doesn’t mean the dog is crying though. Dogs do not cry with tears, dogs cry but using a moan similar to crying or howling, never with tears. My dog ​​cries when I leave Dogs are herd animals, they cannot understand that you leave them alone at home or with someone other than you.

For them you are like their father, the leader of the pack that they must always follow. That is why when we go to work and leave them alone at home or even in the company of other people, they begin to cry. It is their way of expressing their disagreement and drawing our attention so that we come back for them, since they do not want to be separated from us even for a moment.

But obviously that is impossible in most cases, since either for work or social reasons, our dogs must learn to live alone, even if it is only for a few hours. My dog ​​cries at night We are many of us who accustom our puppies from puppies to sleep at night in their own bed. Many puppies cry at night because they feel lonely, because they want to sleep next to us or simply because they are scared.

Mainly the puppies, who are still too young to understand the situation. If our dog sees us eating and we don’t give him anything, he may sit next to us and cry a little to get our attention and we give in. If you want to play a little you can also resort to crying, it is another way of letting us know that you want us to pay attention and spend a little time with you. Something very common in dogs that have little dedication from their humans.

Just like barking, crying can be an extraordinary way to get our attention. It is very important to know these situations since sometimes they require veterinary attention. Dogs that are very skittish may also cry simply to express their state of fear.

A hungry dog ​​can also cry to tell us that even his belly hurts from hunger, in the same way that a dog that pees or wants to poop can also cry to get our attention and that we take him out. take a walk. So, as we can see, the reasons why dogs cry are very diverse, identifying the reason is essential to be able to help our dog. Dogs can cry just like humans do, but they can’t tell us what’s wrong with them so it’s our responsibility to help them.