Double Chin Massages

I did massages for a month to remove the double chin, and this was the result

Kissing the ceiling: As its name indicates, this exercise simply consists of raising your face and pursing your lips as if we wanted to kiss the ceiling. You will immediately feel how all the skin of the.

D.R.. Masderm triphasic facial serum. Serum to treat flaccidity, especially recommended to apply to the neck and treat double chin.

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The above must be accompanied by an exercise routine to get rid of this excess fat or reduce it as much as possible. "The.

Facial massages to remove double chin: how to do it in your nightly routine

D.R.. Masderm triphasic facial serum. Serum to treat flaccidity, especially recommended to apply to the neck and treat double chin.

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Facial massages to remove double chin and firm the face? I tell you my verdict.

The double chin is an area located on the neck, under the chin. Two types can be distinguished: the double chin formed by adipose tissue and the one formed by sagging of the skin of the face and neck. It even happens that if the person was overweight and loses too much, they can end up with a disproportionate excess of fat precisely in the double chin.

However, diet is absolutely necessary in any double chin removal treatment, but diet alone is insufficient. Fortunately, technology combined with aesthetic medicine today put at our disposal effective treatments to eliminate double chin.

It is a direct method, which eliminates the double chin in its entirety and in the short term, but we must not forget that it is a full-fledged operation, so as with any other surgery, complications such as skin discoloration may arise. or the infection. The involvement of the patient with a balanced diet personalized to the specific needs of our body is necessary. Let yourself be advised by a suitably qualified and collegiate specialist in Dietetics and Nutrition.

Other measures to reduce the double chin is performing exercises to shape the neck. As with injected mesotherapy, the passage of these principles into the deep dermis is achieved but without the need for needles, avoiding risks and bruising. However, the application of cavitation on the neck must be done at low power and with a specific protocol, since damage to the thyroid could occur.

15 to 20 cavitation sessions are recommended to achieve visible reducing results. However, it is a treatment that with proper precautions and supervision can treat double chin. Cavitation manages to eliminate the middle jowls and reduce the voluminous jowls. Together with cavitation, it is advisable to use radiofrequency and virtual mesotherapy.

Reduce double chin with reducing massages Reducing chiromassage is suitable for treating fatty double chin. Do the same exercise as above but now with your mouth open. Close your mouth and push the upper teeth with the tip of your tongue, relax and repeat 10 times.